The North Face has long had their Better Than Naked running kit in their lineup. Over the course of several years, I’ve had the opportunity to test the range of shorts, shirts and jackets and they are always impressive. For 2018, The North Face Flight Better Than Naked Flight Long Haul Shorts and Short-sleeve Tee have been super-impressive and comfortable on the trail.

Flight Better Than Naked Flight Long Haul Shorts and Short-sleeve Tee:

  • Odor-resistant, ultra-durable and chafe-free shorts
  • 2-in-1 compressive short liner with storage pockets
  • Mesh storage all around waistband
  • Reflective logos and trims
  • FlashDry rapidly speeds drying time
  • MSRP: $65 (shorts), $50 (shirt)
The North Face Better Than Naked Long Haul Shorts and Short-sleeve Tee Review

This kit has quickly become my favorite.

Flight Better Than Naked Long Haul Shorts

With a strong lineup of trail and ultra runners, The North Face has access to some of the best athletes and they are used extensively to guide product direction. All that testing has paid off with the latest Flight Better Than Naked Long Haul Shorts and matching Short-sleeve Tee. Lightweight, comfortable and fast-drying are all hallmarks of this kit, but the goodness goes deeper than that.

Starting with the shorts, they are the perfect length with a 7-inch inseam. It’s long enough to comfortably wear around after a run or to the coffee shop, but not too long as to get in the way on the trail.

My favorite feature of the Long Haul Shorts is the built-in compression liner. While it does make for an interesting exercise in frustration getting everything rightside-out again after a tumble try, all that untangling effort is well worth the price. At 5’11” and 170 lbs, I’m wearing the size medium shorts and the liners offer the perfect fit and compression.

While some running shorts feature a simple brief-style liner, these are true compression shorts and they are ultra-comfortable. No doubt, they earn the Long Haul name because I can wear these all day — which is not something I’d really want to do with traditional brief-style liners. On the legs of the liners, they also feature pockets that are perfect for stashing a credit card or an energy gel.

The North Face Better than Naked Long-haul Shorts Review

Stash away! Stash away all!

Adding praise, the compression shorts are also outstitched, with the seams facing away from your body. This trick is done with gloves to add tactility, but also works well here as they feel supremely-comfortable next-to-skin.

On the trail, these shorts feel comfortable and chaff-free. Honestly, they are the most comfortable running shorts I’ve worn to date. The mesh pockets all the way around the waistband are perfect for stashing small items (gels, etc.) and the rear zipper pocket can store a few items (wallet, ID, credit cards), but isn’t large enough to carry a phone.

The only negative is the drawstrings that get completely pulled out in the wash. It’s honestly a painful experience lacing them back through. I have half a mind to just cut them off because I haven’t had the need for them.

The North Face Better Than Naked Long Haul Shorts and Short-sleeve Tee Review

Such a comfortable and fast-drying kit (thanks to FlashDry).

Flight Better Than Naked Short-sleeve Tee

When The North Face introduced FlashDry, it immediately raised the bar on moisture management, breathability and drying times for all fabrics. I’ve yet to find anything that outperforms it in the field and the Better Than Naked Short-sleeve Tee is no exception.

With a comfortable fit, the shirt moves with my every movement and never gets in the way. It’s wicked-light and dries in a jiffy. There’s not much more to say other than it is the ideal combination of everything I could ever ask for in a running shirt.

The Good

  • Chaff-free compression liner
  • All fabrics are smooth next-to-skin
  • FlashDry does what it says
  • The whole kit feels luxe

The Bad

  • Drawstring is a pain to re-run after washing
  • Rear zipper pocket can’t carry a phone

The Bottom Line: Better Than Naked Shorts and Tee

No question, The North Face has nailed it with their latest Better Than Naked Long Haul Shorts and Short-sleeve Tee. The entire kit delivers a premium feel and performance. Certainly, the compression liner is the star of the show, but the entire outfit is really stellar.

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  1. These are my absolute favorite shorts until after they have been washed. It took me way longer than I would like to admit to figure out how to get them right again after taking them out of the wash and dryer. Thanks for the reviews!

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