Tifosi prides themselves in providing quality optics at a fair price. But, you do have spend a little bit if you want photochromic lenses, ventilation and a proper fit. Still, Tifosi offers all that at a reasonable $79 price point. No complaints here as the Alliant’s have served well this spring.

Tifosi Alliant Sunglasses Features:

  • Grilamid TR-90 frame material
  • Adjustable and hydrophilic ear and nose pieces
  • Vented lenses
  • Available Light Night Fototec lenses ($10 extra / as tested)
  • MSRP: $79.95
Tifosi Alliant Light Night Fototec Sunglasses Review

Adjustable temples and nose piece make for a stellar fit. Fototec lens adjust to conditions.

See clearly — no matter the weather

I’m definitely a fan of photochromic lenses. The beauty of them is they can adjust from clear to dark, depending on the available natural light. The perfect use-case for these type of glasses is a pre-dawn start where you need protection. Soon, the sun rises and you also need darker lenses. Instead of compromising, Tifosi’s Light Night Fototec photochromic lenses simply adjust.

That lens tint adjustment happens organically and smoothly, without thinking about it. You simply have the right tint at all times. No, you don’t get a shiny red or blue mirror (that admittedly looks a little snappier), but what you do get is just the right lens for the conditions.

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From bright, sunny days to sunset, Fototec lenses have you covered.

Tifosi delivers a great fit with the Alliant. They slip on and stay put. Much of that is due to the adjustable nose piece and temples. That combination offers supreme fit that doesn’t move around at all on bare skin or hair. I’ve used the Alliant’s for road and mountain biking as well as trail running with much success. They play well with a variety of helmets and running hats.

The lenses feature 8 vents to help reduce fogging. In my testing, fogging isn’t eliminated, but only appears after stopping at the top of a long climb, for example. To clear, all it takes is a few pedal strokes and the airflow clears everything out. So long as you’re moving, the vents do their job, but green housing does happen once stopped.

I’ve dropped these more times than I care to admit and the lenses don’t appear to have a scratch on them. Overall lens coverage is great and placement on your face can be easily-adjusted with a few squeezes of the nose piece.

The Good

  • Fototec photochromic lenses are super-versatile
  • Adjustable fit keeps them in place
  • Vents clear fogging in a jiffy
  • Nice lens size with great optical clarity
  • They just disappear when wearing

The Bad

  • They do fog when stopped, but clear fast
  • Styling isn’t bad, but not as sexy as other brands (personal preference)

The Bottom Line: Tifosi Alliant Fototec

The Alliant’s check all the boxes as far as a functional, versatile and affordable pair of athletic sunglasses. For road biking, they stay put and offer excellent field-of-vision with the right tint based on conditions. Fototec is on par with other photochromic technologies on the market and really make these a great option for all-condition use.

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