Somewhere that perfect tire is finding that balance between ride feel, rolling resistance, handling and durability. I’ve ridden tons of tires over the years, but few have impressed me as much as the Vittoria Corsa G+ clinchers have in only a few hundred miles.

Vittoria Corsa G+ 25c Tires Features:

  • 4C ISOtech construction blends four compounds
  • Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls
  • Graphene delivers grip and durability
  • Supple 320 TPI core spun casing
  • Available in classic gum or grey sidewalls
  • Widths: 23, 25 (tested) or 28c
  • Weight: 235 – 265 grams (25c weighs 250 grams, actual)
  • MSRP: $69
Vittoria Corsa G+ Clinchers Review

Classic sidewalls and grippy rubber make the Corsa G+ sing.

Italians and their classic rubber

Among professional ranks, it’s hard not to notice the classic cotton sidewalls. For pros, that means tubulars but for us, it typically means a summer tire or race tire in clincher form. The Vittoria Corsa is one of the most trusted tire designs on the market and the latest flavor is even more durable, more grippy and faster than before.

Admittedly, I’m only about 200 miles into these tires, but I like them so much I can’t help but share my thoughts. As stated, these are gumwall tires. Pros use them for a reason — their high thread count which translates into a supple, road-hugging ride. In this case, the Corsa G+’s feature 320 TPI (threads per square inch). Just like the sheets you tuck into every night, the higher the thread count the more comfortable they are.  If you take a look at the tires you’re riding, it may very well be less than that and your ride quality suffers.

Vittoria Corsa G+ Review

Just look at those classic treads — a thing of beauty.

In my short time aboard the Corsa G+, I’ve been rewarded with some of the fastest and smoothest-riding tires I’ve ever rolled. Those straight treads are time-proven and deliver minimal rolling resistance with an oh-so-comfortable ride.

More importantly, the Corsa’s deliver amazing cornering traction. And, that traction can both be felt and heard. Yeah, that’s right, you can literally hear the rubber expanding out and hugging every corner. That “loud rubber” is flat-out amazing and simply exudes confidence — particularly when cornering at high speeds.

Ridley Fenix SLX Disc

A blurry shot on the Alpine Loop, but you can still see those classic cotton sidewalls.

Descending down Utah’s Alpine Loop is an absolute dreamscape with winding mountain roads and hairpin turns at the end of nearly every straightaway. It’s that kind of terrain where the Corsa G+ excels.

I’ve yet to experience any flats in my short time aboard these tires and I’ve had them mounted up on the new Ridley Fenix SLX Disc with the new Forza R45-19C carbon clinchers, which measure at 18mm internal width (at least with the pre-production samples I’ve got). With that, the 25c tires measure out to a plump 26.5 mm. I’m loving that extra width and how nicely they pair with the Fenix SLX.

While most of my miles have been enjoyed on paved roads, things aren’t all baby bottom smooth around here and I’ve particularly noticed that chip seal is more muted and rough roads are met with confidence. I’ve also ventured onto a few miles of gravel and they did quite well with good ride and handling. Wet traction is also quite good with nothing but grippy goodness during summer rainstorms.

Vittoria Corsa G+ 25mm Tire Review

Summer rainstorms don’t faze the Corsa.

I’ll add that mounting these tires is an absolute breeze. No road tires should ever need tire levers and you’ll certainly never need them here. Simply work the tires into the rim bed on one side and then pull them around to the opposite side — too easy. When that inevitable flat arrives, you’ll have the tire off and back on in record time.

For reference I’m 170 lbs. and have been running these at 80 psi front and 85 psi rear. 

The Good

  • Super, super supple ride
  • Rolls fast
  • Cornering traction aplenty
  • Love the sound these tires make when cornering
  • Classic looks
  • Easy on/off
  • Solid wet traction

The Bad

  • Still may not be the best all-season choice
  • I haven’t personally tested their long-term durability

The Bottom Line: Vittoria Corsa G+ 25c Clinchers

Everyone wants the supple ride and grippy handling that tubulars provide, but nobody wants to deal with the hassle involved with tubs. Well, you can get near-tubular performance with a superb pair of Vittoria Corsa G+ clinchers. These tires are truly fantastic.

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  1. Wait until you get about 500 miles on them. The love affair will end quickly! I’ve never had a tire that was so prone to flats after they get some wear on them. It’s a shame too, they are very smooth and very fast tires.

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