Merino wool has long been one of my favorite fabrics. I’d honestly wear a fine-quality Merino wool shirt every day if I could. With that, I’ve been wearing the Voormi River Run Hoodie around for a few months and it’s got a lot of great things to talk about.

Voormi River Run Merino Hoodie Features:

  • DUAL SURFACE UL Precision Blended Merino Wool
  • Integrated thumb loops
  • Relaxed full cover hood
  • 52% Merino wool / 48% polyester (100 g/m2)
  • Weight: 160 grams (medium, actual)
  • MSRP: $129
Voormi River Run Hoodie Review

Lightweight Merino meets all-season versatility.

Versatility in a Merino hoodie

With the best performance comes innovation. To really excel, you can’t be satisfied with the same thing as everyone else. With that, Voormi has developed what they call Dual Surface UL Precision Blended Wool. You see, Merino wool alone, while soft and warm, doesn’t stand up to extensive abuse. So, it has to be carefully blended and woven to maximize the natural feel and function of wool, while remaining durable and moisture-wicking. This dual surface fabric aims to retain that wool goodness in an even lighter package for all-season use (yes, that means summer). Wool in the summer is a thing.

Voormi Dual Surface UL Merino Wool Blend

The outside is loose, like this, but the inside is smooth for comfort.

With the Voormi River Run Hoodie, you get this high-performance, lightweight Merino blend that has a soft hand and a great next-to-skin feel. Aimed as an outdoor-friendly hoodie, the River Run will be at home on the river (paddling or fishing), on the trails or around town. It features a muted design, so there’s no reason you can’t wear it just about anywhere.

For me, the River Run has been put to the test on cool morning trail runs. More than once, due to the demands of the home office, I would go from a run, to the “office” and end up wearing my running clothes (and the hoodie) all day long. That’s not something I’d do with just any shirt. But, the anti-microbial properties of the Merino wool blend and its ability to dry quickly make this one easy to live with — even after a hard workout.

Voormi River Run Hoodie Review - Trail Running

Giving the River Run a trail run test.

While trail running, the relaxed fit does tend to be a little saggy, mostly in the sleeves. This isn’t an uncommon quality of Merino though. The relaxed sleeves could use a little less fabric in the upper arms and maybe a little more in the lower arms — especially at the cuff. That said, I can’t easily pull the cuffs past my elbow, when needed. The hood has ample space for coverage with or without a hat, but the front button is an anomaly that I don’t think I’ll ever use. As with any hoodie, the hood itself does tend to drag the front of the garment backwards while running. It’s not a huge deal and the hood is lightweight enough that I could tuck it under a lightweight vest on the coldest of days.

Voormi River Run Hoodie - Lightweight Hood

The lightweight hood is roomy and is great for sun or weather protection.

None of these things are deal breakers and they do lend themselves to a more casual experience — hanging out at the beach, camping or walking the dog in the afternoon. And, even though I’ve had the black color in for testing, it has fared well in warm weather. Lighter colors will do even better in the heat, but as a long-sleeved hoodie, this one remains comfortable on summer adventures.

Voormi River Run Hoodie - Thumb Loop

Thumb loops are good, but they are even better if the sleeves are longer.

I’ll add that the sleeve length could certainly be longer. My wingspan is about average for my 5’11” height and while the body fits me perfectly, the sleeves could be an inch longer to make better use of the thumb loops. The hood is a great size and is easily-used for sun or weather protection. I still haven’t figured out when I’d use the front button, but if you want a little more hood security and don’t mind an undernose button, you can use it.

Sizing: I’m 5’11” and 170 lbs with normal proportions. Everything fits perfectly for all-day use. 

The Good

  • Comfortable next-to-skin
  • Good for casual, daily use
  • Great moisture wicking
  • Remains stink-free — even after repeated use
  • Dries in a jiffy

The Bad

  • Sleeves could be longer
  • Not sure that button on the hoodie is gonna get used much
  • Upper arms do get saggy on trail runs

The Bottom Line: Voormi River Run Hoodie

Merino blends are the bee’s knees, in my opinion. Voormi’s dual-sided fabric delivers comfort with the classic performance of Merino wool. With this lightweight hoodie, you can comfortably wear it in warm weather (in lighter colors)

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