When heading out for a ride, how do you stash your spares? Are you anti-saddle bag or are you cool with handlebar bags, like the trendy kids? I find myself opting for the jersey stash most of the time, unless it’s a long ride, but WaterField has another option with their Jersey Pocket Tool Case.

WaterField Jersey Pocket Tool Case Features:

  • Dedicated phone pocket
  • Available in two sizes for regular and large phones
  • Water-resistant design
  • Interior organization pockets
  • Ballistic nylon and full-grain leather design
  • Single pull for easy pocket retrieval
  • Waterproof zippers
  • MSRP: $69
Waterfield Jersey Pocket Tool Case Review - Grizzly Leather

Sleek design with a top pull loop and exterior pocket.

The anti-saddle bag crowd has a new friend

While I occasionally roll a saddle bag on long rides, I agree with most people that they are unsightly. And, I can’t get on with the handlebar bag trend either. Top tube bags are growing on me and are necessary for long solo rides, but WaterField has come up with a unique jersey bag that maximizes the storage of your pockets.

Most of the time, I just try to organize a spare tube, pump, CO2 and a multi-tool into my center jersey pocket. And, most of the time it stays put. But, sometimes things clang around and I have to re-adjust. And, if all I need is the multi-tool, I often have to remove everything just to get that one item out. With that in mind, the Waterfield Jersey Pocket Tool Case came along to solve the real-world problem of adding organization to jersey pockets.

Waterfield Jersey Pocket Tool Case Review

The case sits nicely and goes mostly unnoticed (it’s barely peeking out).

I think of it like a closet organizer for your jersey. Of course, you can fit a ton of clothes in your closet if you just throw them all in a pile on the floor, but good luck finding your favorite tee shirt when you need it. That same principle applies here. The Jersey Pocket Tool Case organizes all your spare stuff so it’s easily-reached  and organized. On top of that, you no longer have to worry about your multi-tool jabbing you in the back either.

As an added bonus, there’s a fleece-lined phone sleeve as well, which keeps your phone safe and secure. And, I’ve got to mention the zippered side pocket for money, credit cards or other small items. With the Jersey Pocket Tool Case, you’re not going to turn your jersey into a supersized storage unit, but you’ll enjoy easier access and organization for all the things.

Waterfield Jersey Pocket Tool Case Review - Grizzly Leather

A look inside with everything you need, organized inside the case.

Using the case is a breeze. I’m able to comfortably stash a road or gravel tube, multi-tool, CO2 cartridge, tire levers and my phone — all inside a sleek case that slips into my center jersey pocket. In the saddle, the top of the case sticks out an inch or so, but goes relatively unnoticed once out on a ride. The backside of the case uses durable ballistic nylon material, which picks up a little moisture over time, but it’s not terrible. On a hot day, you may notice it a little more, but it’s honestly very unobtrusive.

The Good

  • Makes tool, tube, etc. access a breeze
  • Premium materials and feel
  • Goes largely unnoticed in the saddle
  • Easily-reached and inserted
  • Great having everything self-contained

The Bad

  • Does get sweaty on hot days

The Bottom Line: WaterField Jersey Pocket Tool Case

File this one into the “I didn’t know I needed this, but I really like it” category. Kudos to Gary Waterfield for coming up with this great little case. It organizes all the tools and spare bits needed for a ride and stores it all in one place. The quality is top-notch and all materials were obviously selected to maintain a premium feel.

Buy Now: Available from WaterField Designs


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  1. Jason, they may be unsightly, but it is so comfortable to have nothing in your pockets. I use a a saddle and small bar bag.

  2. That’s awesome. Everyone has their preferences. I tend to load up my jersey pockets, so this pocket tool case is actually quite handy. For longer rides, I opt for a saddle/bento bag (and still load up the pockets. It’s great to have so many options, right?

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