100% hero dirt. That’s the best way to describe yesterday’s ride in the soft and tacky trails of Corner Canyon. Autumn has been slow to release its grip on Utah and we’ve now gone many days without rain or snow. With temperatures in the upper-40’s and 50’s, the trails have dried out just enough to transform themselves into hero dirt. This magical transformation only happens a few times each year and the past few days have been absolutely amazing.

With an extended time between storms, the once-dry and dusty singletrack has been renewed by rain, snow and several freeze/thaw cycles. Those freeze/thaw cycles loosen the dirt just enough to make it fast and smooth on the straights and grippy like Velcro in the corners. I was one of the few who discovered the hero conditions yesterday as the trailhead parking lot only had a few cars. Like those riders, I was absolutely amazed as I ascended up the trails only to find that they had dried out just enough to create perfect riding conditions.

The most amazing part about the past two days of riding is that its been my best two days of riding all season. There’s something magical about hero dirt that just makes everything click. you feel one with your bike and connected to the trail like never before. Angulation into every corner is met with Pirelli-like grip and it’s as if you can do no wrong. That “one-ness” with the bike and trail is the way I love to end every season… going out on top, as it were.

My advice to you: Don’t let the season end without getting your fair share of hero dirt time… 100% hero dirt time.


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A native of the Pacific Northwest, Jason quickly developed a love for the outdoors and a thing for mountains. That infatuation continues as he founded this site in 1999 -- sharing his love of road biking, mountain biking, trail running and skiing. That passion is channeled into every article or gear review he writes. Utah's Wasatch Mountains are his playground.


    • I couldn’t resist… had to ride again today and beat out the oncoming storm. Temps dropped 10 degrees from the beginning to the end of the ride and snow started falling soon thereafter. I rode this puppy to the end.

      But, this storm system looks weak, so Hero Dirt may be back next week. Can’t wait!

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  2. Living up in the PNW we are spoiled by hero dirt…but you guys in Utah and Col get the hero snow so we’re even. 🙂

    • I know that too well! I miss the hero dirt of the PNW sometimes, but don’t miss the Cascade Cement. But, this year, I’d gladly take that cement since we’re in a serious drought here in UT.

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