2004 Turner DHR Mountain Bike – New Gear


Turner Suspension Bicycles, Inc. has been hard at work refining the already race proven design of the DHR. Racers want two things, less weight and incredible handling. In a word, SPEED. Our frames have always had a great reputation for quality and workmanship, and our DHR is known for its ability to corner like it’s on rails.

So our challenge was to take a successful design and make it better. Working with the Maxxis team and a number of riders during the Pre season, we developed the next generation of downhill race bike. Faster and lighter. The results were so impressive, the feedback was so great, we had to produce this new version of the DHR as soon as possible. So here it is.

The 2004 DHR. Square tube front triangle design for lateral rigidity and strength, yet much lighter. The 1.5 head tube allows for a larger bearing to be used for the bigger hits of today’s downhill courses. The suspension set up is the same as the current, 8.5 inches of rock eating travel, Romic shock, low bottom bracket, 20mm rear axle all work together to make this bike corner unbelievably. Frame weight is almost a pound lighter than the current frame.

Sizes are Small, Medium, and Large.

MSRP $2195.00

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