Andrew Waldron is working hard to capture the essence of downhill mountain biking via HD video. His latest footage was shot during the 2009 Bootleg Canyon Downhill race held February 14-15, 2009–part of the MOB in Mojave event with Downhill, Super D and Dual Slalom disciplines. It’s a preview of a longer-length video that’s expected to be complete sometime in March.

Definitely stoke-worthy, this preview shows off some of the great work that Andrew is doing behind the camera and mouse alike. The course is technical and rocky (yup, it’s a desert) and has been known to chew people up and spit them out. I’ve ridden the course, but not under race conditions, so I can appreciate the challenges the course provides without all the raceday adrenaline.

This year’s race was officially sancioned by USA Cycling, so the draw was larger and involved some of the top riders on the circuit. The winner of the downhill was Dan Atherton who was closely followed by his brother, Gee Atherton (no brotherly love lost, I’m sure).

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