Don’t let the all-new Felt Edict steal all the glory… Felt’s new carbon version of the Virtue is bound to generate plenty of attention as well. Both bikes take advantage of new carbon layups to maximize performance (laterally stiff with just the right amount of vertical compliance).

While Felt has built superb carbon fiber road bikes and 29er hard tails for years, this marks the first full-suspension bikes to be built from carbon. I admit that I’m a carbon snob, so these two new rigs are capturing my attention in a big way. I covered the Edict yesterday, so today it’s the Virtue’s turn.

For 2011, the Felt Virtue comes into its own with a complete re-design. The both the aluminum models and the full-carbon models sport refined angles, tapered head tubes and built-in travel adjustments from 120mm to 130mm rear travel. With the increased travel and full-carbon frame options, the Virtue is moving into territory dominated by some of the finest trailbikes on the market — like the Ibis Mojo.

The Virtue carbon is one impressive machine with large, triangular-shaped tubes and clean lines. It uses Felt’s now-refined Equilink suspension platform that’s been re-tooled and lightened-up. Instead of needle bearings, it also now sports DU bushings. I’ve been very impressed with Equilink as I reviewed the Compulsion 1 earlier this season and look forward to getting ahold of a Virtue for testing at some point.

The carbon Virtue is available in three trim levels while the new aluminum model can be had in two more affordable trims. The frame-only option sports a different carbon fiber layup and titanium hardware, but it comes at quite a premium. The two aluminum models feature aluminum front triangles with the entry-level Sport trim also featuring an aluminum rear end in place of carbon. Here are the details of each:

  • Virtue LTD (with upgraded carbon fiber and titanium hardware) is $8999 with Shimano’s new XTR group top-to-bottom
  • Virtue Team is $5999 with a 3×10 SRAM X0 group and Mavic Crossmax ST wheels
  • Virtue Elite is $3499 with a 3×10 SRAM X7/X9 package and traditional wheels built with Mavic X317 rims
  • Virtue LTD frame only (with upgraded carbon fiber and titanium hardware) is $2999
  • Virtue Expert (hydroformed aluminum front triangle) is $2799 with SRAM X7/X9
  • Virtue Sport (full aluminum frame) is $1999 with Shimano Alivio and Deore components

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  1. Jason, Felt isn’t planning on being there as of yet unfortunately but I was wondering if you were going to be taking advantage of the Outerbike demo in your home state in Moab Sept. 30th to Oct. 3rd? A buddy and me will be up there testing as many bikes as our legs can physically power in four days. It’s going to be great! Just found your site and your reviews are awesome. Thanks.

  2. Amigo… well, I’m still kicking around whether or not I’ll attend. Since I know most of those folks, I may arrange to pick up a bike or two and bring it home for a month. While I’ve typically attended Interbike (been there since 2000), I’m not super thrilled at the idea of another Africa-hot Outdoor Demo with thousands of riders assaulting Bootleg Canyon.

    The idea of hitting Outbike seems much better, but I’d still only be able to attend a day or two max.

    We’ll see.

  3. What’s the weather like in Moab that time of year if you don’t mind me asking here? If you have any connections at Felt you should talk them into bringing a few of those new Virtues out to Outerbike. I would love to ride one. Looks like a sick bike!

  4. great looking bikes … but Alivio components on a $2000 bike?? I don’t know any other manufacturer that would do that. Put Deore up front and XT for the rear derailer.

  5. Jack… yes, that is pretty cheapie. But, the frame/fork is solid still and those components can easily be upgraded. But you’re right… I’m sure they could slap SLX on there and still make their margins.

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