If you thought that 29ers were making a grand entrance in 2011, just wait until all the new 2012 models arrive! Adding one more to the long list of 29er trailbikes for 2012, Rocky Mountain has released some information on their forthcoming big-wheeled machine, the new Element 29er. Donned in alloy and built using Rocky’s ultra-solid SmoothLink suspension with ABC pivots, the Element 29er is built like a Rocky, which is good for most riders out there.

I was able to swing a leg over the Element 950 at Bike Dealer Camp: Read my review.

When I say it’s built like a Rocky, I mean it will be a great real-world trailbike with enough stability and comfort to tackle any terrain while still remaining efficient enough to hammer out even the longest of climbs. With 95mm rear travel, the Element 29er is hitting the sweet spot between XC and AM in 29er land. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I can get my hands on one of these for testing in the coming months. In the meantime, enjoy the show:

More Info: Visit Bikes.com 2012 info coming soon

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      • love the site,
        as a gear goob of so many years here in tahoe, I’ve followed a few of your thoughts, and you do a great job.
        I’m thinking of making the 29er move, and looking at the tallboy, superfly, camber and this one.
        I’m most drawn to this geometry and line (looks like your right over the rear wheel, i like that), but concerned about weight. what have you heard/seen on the weight of this frame? pricing seems reasonable (when compared to the carbon bikes), but the weight penalty is the question.
        i ride in tahoe a lot, race some xc, some super D like downieville, and love agile bikes. I ride a cdale rize 1×9 at 24lbs now, and won my class in dville on it 3yrs ago, but it may time for a new ride…
        any thoughts w/ that background having ridden this bike? impossbile to find demos so far…

        • Holiday… thanks for the kudos on the site and thanks for letting me weigh in on your next ride. You’re looking at some of the best 29er marathon/trailbikes on the market. The Tallboy is superb, no doubt. The Camber is also a killer ride. I’ve not ridden the Superfly 100, but I’ve heard it is sweet.

          Have you considered the new Niner Jet 9 RDO? That’s the one I’ve got my eyes on for the Spring. I’m hoping to get it as my personal steed, so stay tuned.

          Back to this bike. I rode the Rocky Mountain Element 950 at DealerCamp:


          It’s a great bike, but does need some new wheels, if it were up to me. It’s not going to be the lightest bike in its class, but it is a really fun and capable machine.

  1. interesting,
    yes, I’m thinking carbon wheels to lighten and stiffen, changing out cranks, brakes and cockpit to lighten.

    i rode the yeti sb95 and loved it as well, just really like the short chainstays, but don’t need the extra travel.

    I’ve talked myself out of the Superfly, as it seems longer and steeper angled, and really.

    I’ve talked myself into the rocky, as I like hte short chainstays.
    the Tallboy may be perfect, but the linkage that drops below the BB freaks me out a bit. seems really low…

    how would you compare the tallboy to the element 950 for someone riding lots of pretty rocky, mountainous trails as a XC guy.


    • Yeah, the Superfly is a bit too racy, I think. Perhaps the Niner RIP or Jet9 RDO with a 120mm fork could be the trick for you? The Yeti SB95 is supposed to be awesome, but could be overkill travel-wise. I personally think 100/120 or 120/120 is the perfect setup for an everyday, all-mountain 29er trail slayer.

      The Tallboy is a great bike, but I think it’s a tad more XC-ish than the Rocky is. Both are great bikes though.

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