Hello there, Jet9. Where have you been all my life? With your newly-sexed-up tubing and ultra-stiff frame will you still blow my mind like you did the first time? Will you devour singletrack in trademark Niner-style? Will you leave an indelible mark on my brain as I constantly compare you to other 29ers on the market?

After closer inspection, I think it will be safe to answer yes to all the above questions. I’ve closely followed Niner as they have re-designed the Jet9 from the ground-up. Their attention to detail and amazing customer service throughout has been a model for all to follow. Speaking of following, are you following Steve Domahidy as he walks you through the buildup of the new Jet9 from the factory? Check out the Niner Facebook Fan Page for details.

More Details: See the Old vs. New Jet9 Comparison Up Close (PDF)

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  1. teledaddy207 on

    how would you compare this to the Santa Cruz Tallboy in ride quality

    That one is on my wish list but replaced the Jet. let the big dogs roll!

  2. You ask a hard question, my friend. While I totally and completely loved the first Jet9, I also totally and completely dig the Tallboy. The new Jet should be a solid competitor to the Tallboy–with Niner’s trailworthy geometry and all, it won’t feel “racy” yet it will perform racy.

    Both will be killer bikes. I’m slated to get onboard a new Jet this Summer, so I’ll let you know.

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