I’m a natural wool fan — no doubt about it. If given the choice, I’d be wearing sheep socks and shirts every day. So, the new Bontrager Race Wool 5″ socks have easily made their way into my shoes since their arrival.

Bontrager Race Wool 5″ Socks Features:

  • Quick-drying, naturally moisture-wicking wool yarns have superior thermal properties, even when wet
  • Heavy-duty elastic ribbing supports midfoot and arch
  • Engineered mesh over top of foot for exceptional comfort on any ride
  • Taller 5″ (13cm) cuff sits perfectly under leg warmers or tights
  • MSRP: $12.99

Bontrager Race Wool 5" Socks - For MTB or Road

Sheep say baaaa… Bontrager says baaaa too

I love the varieties of natural fibers that can be found in today’s modern outerwear and clothing. Natural wool fibers have great natural properties for warmth and comfort and it’s great to see Bontrager stepping into the fray with a great offering.

When selecting socks for both cycling or running, I tend to gravitate to those of the lightweight variety. I prefer to have a “connected” feel to my shoes and the pedals or the ground and the appropriate lightweight socks are a must. These socks are a little taller than I typically use (though 5-inches is a quite common height these days), they are light and comfortable — offering a little more protection for spring riding.

I will say that the extra height does come in handy when wearing shoe covers since they are taller than the cuff of the covers for a more comfortable feel. I’ve been wearing these with the Bontrager RXL Windshell Shoe Covers, for example.

Bontrager RXL Bib Shorts, RXL Jersey and Race Wool 5" Socks

Slipping these on, they have an excellent feel with just the right amount of support. The elastic ribbing underfoot really does support the arch and maintains the structure of the socks. Make sure you give these a good wash and dry before use as the socks will tighten up and shrink to the proper size. I’ve worn them repeatedly without washing and they remain stink-free. Some might cry foul, but I tend to use the same socks for a handful of rides — just stuffing them back into my shoes in the hatch of the Subaru. They dry quickly and, as mentioned, have remained stink-free and not stretched out.

The only minor annoyance has been the seam across one of the socks that doesn’t ever seem to sit well. It’s only a bother when first putting them on and goes away once in the saddle.

The Good

  • Perfect thickness
  • Nice compression features across underside of arch
  • Breathability is top-notch
  • Natural wool, baby… the stuff is awesome
  • Road or MTB friendly
  • The price is right

The Bad

  • Seams don’t always sit well across my toes
  • Shrinkage over time (I have no idea how to consistently not dry a pair of socks in our sea of laundry)

The Bottom Line

Hard to complain about these socks. They offer a great shoe feel and have maintained their structure — even after repeated use. Plus, the natural  wool fibers resist smell and feel nice next-to-skin. Just say Bontraaaager.

Buy Now: Available at Bontrager.com or Your Local Trek Dealer


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  1. Francis Chapman on

    That socks look very comfortable. I’d probably buy 5 pairs to use everyday as I ride my Morpheus bike. Thank you for sharing!

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