I’ve got so many water bottles under the sink it makes my head spin. Actually, my wife hates that I have so many under there and threatens to recycle them nearly every day. The problem is that mixed in the pile of water bottles are the one or two that actually work well.  They are the bottles that don’t leak and that squirt a perfect stream every time.

Sharing shelf space with the good bottles are the leakers and “squeeze so hard you’ll get carpal tunnel” bottles. When I inadvertently slap one of the hated bottles in my bottle cage for the daily ride, I’m kicking myself for not grabbing a good one. At this point, I’m willing to toss the old bottle mess out the door and switch to something better… the Camelbak Podium 24 oz. water bottle.

Camelbak Podium 24 oz Water Bottle Review

About the Camelbak Podium Water Bottle

This little number puts a new spin on the standard water bottle. Built from BPA-free materials using a custom blend of TruTaste™ to keep your liquids free from the dreaded plastic taste and lined with HydroGuard™ to keep bacteria away.This squeeze bottle boasts a high flow rate and an innovative squeeze valve cap that both eliminates the “bite and pull” process and also offers a lock switch to eliminate leakage on the backseat of your car.

Highlight features:

  • BPA-free materials
  • Unique, high-flow squeeze valve that self-seals and is lockable
  • TruTaste plastic keeps your liquids tasting plastic-free
  • HydroGuard prevents bacteria
  • Available in 24 and 21 oz. designs
  • Available in six color combinations
  • MSRP: $8.00 (21 oz.) and $9.00 (24 oz.)

Camelbak Podium 24 oz Water Bottle Review

Camelbak Podium Water Bottle Review

As I mentioned earlier, finding that “perfect” water bottle is always a challenge. Some leak, some require a Chuck Norris deathgrip to get enough flow and others are leak-free and work fairly well–for a time.  Inevitably, the good mixes with the bad and you grab a leaker.  The Camelbak Podium water bottle has turned into my go-to bottle for road rides. And, it’s easy to pick out from the crowd of questionable suspects.

Once it’s locked and loaded, the Podium can be squirted with ease, or locked out completely for transport in the back of your pickup truck. Even without the lockout engaged, the nozzle never dripped one bit.  I found the flow rate on par with the best of them. And with a smooth squeeze, you stay hydrated.

Since there is no “bite and pull” process, I found myself a little awkward initially. If you’re like me, you bite the valve and pull it to open, then use your teeth to hold the bottle while finding the sweet spot to squeeze. But, with the Podium, there isn’t that pull-top cap to bite onto to hold the bottle in place.  I just ended up squeezing wherever my hand was and I got a consistent flow of water most of the time.

I love the lined bottle. My lemon-lime Nuun water didn’t taste like an old water bottle.  It tasted like Nuun in a cup with no noticeable plastic taste.

Good Podium

  • Excellent water flow
  • Lockable valve
  • Self-sealing valve keeps everything drip-free
  • TruTaste lining keeps your liquids from tasting like plastic

Bad Podium

  • Soft rubbery nozzle attracts dust & dirt on the trail (not a problem for road)
  • If the nozzle isn’t locked, a slight touch of the bottle will squeeze out lots of liquid
  • No ability to hold the bottle in place with your teeth

The Bottom Line on the Camelbak Podium Water Bottle

The ongoing search for a perfect, non-leaking water bottle has ended.  The Camelbak Podium 24 oz. is a great water bottle that provides consistent water flow and ease-of-use. I love that with the bottle’s TruTaste lining, my liquids never taste plasticy.  A great bottle that works well.

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