Staying comfortable on extended rides requires putting in lots of miles, but it never hurts to get some assistance from fancy lotions and creams (thanks, Nacho). In this case, DZ Nuts Pro chamois cream has proven to be a great tool in my bag of tricks.

DZ Nuts Chamois Cream Features:

  • Originally formulated for Dave Zabriske
  • Specially-formulated chamois cream
  • Designed to prevent saddle sores
  • Size: 4 oz
  • MSRP: $24

DZ Nuts Chamois Cream Review

Once you start putting in serious miles its important to find a chamois cream that works for you. A good embrocation cream makes a huge difference in keeping saddle soreness to a minimum. And, you don’t want to chance doing any serious damage to that region of the old body. About a year ago I was introduced to DZ Nuts and immediately liked it simply due to the name, let’s be honest, it’s catchy.

I was training for LOTOJA and my training partners tipped me off to it — I was a fan from my first use!  The stuff was designed for Dave Zabriskie (DZ) by a pharmaceutical scientist to reduce and relieve chaffing, irritation and to protect skin from fungal infections (definitely want to avoid that action). Some of the main ingredients include Tea Tree Oil which is a powerful anti-bacterial oil, Evodia which is an anti-inflammatory and wound healing agent from Chinese herbal medicine, and Masterwort which is an herb found in the Swiss Alps that was used by the ancient Greeks for its wound healing and calming properties.

So, all that said, this isn’t just some lotion that you slap on your junk, this is truly a scientific formulated cream that will help protect what you need to protect, whether you are a serious or casual cyclist. Protect your junk by using DZ Nuts liberally the next time you ride. Lube em or lose em!

Also, for those of you who shave your legs to keep them clean for any potential spills on the bike, you will want to try DZ’s shaving cream. If your like me, you always feel a little strange snagging your wife’s shaving cream to do the job, the first time I tried DZ Nuts shaving cream I realized what I had been missing and my wife is appreciative that I finally have my own. So man up and stop stealing your wife’s cream and get some of the good stuff that DZ Nuts makes.

Good DZ Nuts

  • Significantly reduced saddle soreness for me
  • Anti-bacterial action is good

Bad DZ Nuts

  • 4 oz isn’t much if you use it often

Bottom Line: DZ Nuts Chamois Cream

Protect your junk on your next ride with DZ Nuts. It saved my man area on long rides, like Lotoja.

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