With the increase in 29er’s, wheelset options have also increased. In the past, options were limited but now there are quite a wide range of 29er wheels for every application and budget. The Easton XC Two 29er wheelset came as standard equipment on the Kona King Kahuna I reviewed this Spring. As a mid-level wheelset, they performed admirably.

Easton XC Two 29er wheels specs:

  • Convertible front hub (9 or 15mm axles)
  • Standard 6-bolt disc mounts
  • 17mm rim width
  • 24-count spokes F/R in 3-cross pattern
  • Saphim straight-guage spokes
  • Brass nipples
  • Weight: 1998 grams
  • MSRP: $449

Easton XC Two 29er Wheelset Review

As standard equipment on the Kona King Kahuna I tested earlier this Spring, the Easton XC Two 29er wheelset performed well on both the Kahuna and the Rocky Mountain Altitude 29er. Looking them over, the XC Two is a nice-looking package with a convertible front hub that can accept both 9mm and 15mm axles. I tested them with the 15qr axles on both bikes.

On the trail, the XC Two’s run without too much fuss. I felt like the engagement was adequate for the price range, but not spectacular. With more higher-end hubs, you can get increased pawls for faster engagement, but most people will not mind these as I was able to stop and start my cadence around obstacles without much hesitation.

With 29er wheels, you get more leverage, so wheel strength is readily-apparent. These tracked great overall with only a little bit of noticeable rear-wheel flex when pushed hard at speed. Mine were mated with the Kenda Small Block 8 tires and I was able to throw them around on a variety of trails. Slaloming through singletrack, these wheels were reactive and confidence-inspiring.

Good XC Two

  • Nice-looking package top-to-bottom
  • Has stayed straight and true after being abused on two bikes
  • Excellent value
  • Convertible front hub (mine were 15qr only)
  • Easily-serviced hubs

Bad XC Two

  • Could be a more torsionally-stiff (24 spokes may not be enough for these big hoops)
  • Narrow 17mm rim profile limits tire selection
  • Is a tad heavy

Bottom Line: Easton XC Two 29er Wheelset

These mid-level wheels from Easton bring a solid package for those with a budget ($309 at JensonUSA at press time). You can spend more to get a stiffer wheelset, but these will perform admirably and leave enough in your wallet for other upgrades.

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