With all the grips on the market, how do the Ergon GE1’s stand out. Well, not only are they very ergonomic, they are comfortable, durable and stay where you put them. Sound like a slam dunk? Well, head on down and knock yourself out.

Ergon GE1 Grips Features:

  • Designed specifically for enduro riding and racing
  • Dual-density rubber compounds for improved feel
  • Lightweight inner aluminum clamp
  • Closed-end design
  • Width: 5.25 in (including clamp)
  • Weight: 120 grams
  • Price: $34.95

Ergon GE1 Grips Review

GE1 delivers grippy love

After a few hundred miles on the new GE1’s, I’m a fan. For starters, they are easy to install and the single-bolt aluminum clamp design is much-improved over other locking clamps from Ergon or other manufacturers. I love that the clamp features a large (for grips), 3mm allen bolt. All too often, grips feature a teeny tiny bolt that’s easily stripped — not the case here. Of course, you should use a torque wrench to avoid over tightening, but at least you’ve got a capably-sized bolt to work with.

Since the GE1 is offered in a single size, the only thing you’ll need to consider is color — and yes, they do come in all black. My white/grey grips most certainly do get noticed and don’t look too out-of-place on the Santa Cruz Tallboy C. That said, they are white and are showing plenty of dirt stains.

The ergonomic shape of the grip plays nicely with the 750mm wide Truvativ Jerome Clementz Blackbox bars I’ve been running. These bars are made for enduro racing and so it’s a perfect match.

Ergon GE1 Grips Review

With the GE1’s, I’ve felt in total control under all conditions. The subtle shaping offers comfortable hand placement and just enough resistance in the right areas to enhance my bike handling. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in hand numbness with these grips — something I really appreciated.

The shape tapers inward to give a nice, subtle ramp that keeps your hands firmly in control. And, the reduced size of the criss-cross pattern as you move outward also noticeably increases hand grip. The mixed squares is part of what makes these grips so great. Most grips have a standard pattern throughout — it shows the level-of-detail that Ergon brings to the table.

Over time, the grip itself has exhibited a little bit of play towards the endcap. Nothing that detracts from the overall performance, but I do notice the micro movement when pushed hard.

The Good

  • Single aluminum clamp with a real-sized bolt
  • Endure-Specific grip
  • Dual-compound offers excellent feel and vibration reduction
  • Ergonomic touches reduce hand numbness
  • Self-capped design eliminates extra endcaps

The Bad

  • Developed a little outward flex over time
  • White color gets dirty (duh)

The Bottom Line

Enduro is here and the GE1’s are your choice for all-day riding, enduro racing or just plain having fun. I’ve appreciated the improved feel these have provided and the reduced hand numbness on long rides.

Buy Now: Available at JensonUSA.com

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