I’m a big fan of Ergon’s grip line and now I’ll have more to be a fan of: the forthcoming Ergon SM3 saddle line. The more miles I ride, the more keenly aware I’ve become that the interfaces between bike and rider are ultra-important for long-term cycling health and comfort.

The interfaces I’m talking about are the hands, butt and feet. There are many ergonomic options for each including Specialized Body Geometry, ISM Saddles and Ergon. Of those, Ergon is the only one to focus exclusively on the bike/rider interface — that’s what makes the new SM3 Saddles so interesting.

The story with the SM3 saddle is best explained by Ergon:

The development of a bicycle saddle is a particular challenge from an Ergonomic point of view. A saddle needs to support about half of the body weight, the resulting pressure is then concentrated on the most sensitive region of the body – yet this area has to suffer no pain or discomfort if possible. At the same time the rider must not be prevented from being able to put as much power into the pedals as possible. Problems with the saddle have a direct and extremely noticeable effect on the performance, endurance and general well being of a rider.

Without a doubt, we can all agree that the saddle is one of the most important pieces of a bike. If it’s comfortable, you’re golden… if not, your ride is miserable. Is it too big or too small? Does it make your man area numb? Does it make you saddle sore? Does it tug on your shorts as you slide back-and-forth during your ride. Can you ride on the nose when needed? Does the cover rip wide open on your first spill?

The new Ergon SM3 saddle is available in three models: SM3 Pro Carbon (standard or monolink carbon rails), SM3 Pro and SM3. Pricing is forthcoming and the technology is bursting at the seams. The top models feature carbon shells and carbon rails with many other high-zoot features. And, with Selle Italia building the saddles to Ergon’s specifications, you know you’re getting the best of design and manufacturing.

I’m always on the search for a better saddle to improve comfort and ensure long-term heath. Lets hope that the Ergon SM3 saddles make their mark in the industry by doing just that.

More Info: Visit Ergon-Bike.com

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  1. My primary concern is the perineum. I don’t get numb but I do get sore. I’d like to see more cut-aways come available or deeper and wider cutouts for them. The so-called ergo lines coming from specialty seat OEM’s are hideously expensive when such designs should be trivial to accomplish.

    • I hear ya! That’s a pretty important area to protect. Have you tried the ISM saddles? I haven’t personally, but I’d like to give them a whirl… funny looking, but I’ve heard good things about them.

  2. I looked at the ISM website and road saddles is the company’s focus. No MTB models. These new Ergon’s appear to be really nice. What saddle are you currently using on your MTB?

      • Saddles are so personal to each rider! I have been using a Specialized Rival for the past 4 years. It is a good saddle, however it is falling apart. Specialized doesn’t make this model any longer, and I am in the market for a new saddle for next season. Th Ergon is on the top of my list to try/demo. Do you know of any shops along the wasatch front that will have a demo to buy program for the Ergon Saddles?

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