While all I’ve got is a teaser shot of the ControlTaper head tube on the 2013 Felt Edict Nine LTD, I’m guessing we’ll see Felt’s first 29er full-suspension bike later this week at the 2012 Sea Otter Classic. Felt has long been one of the most recognized names in 29er’s, but have been slow to launch a full-suspension 29er.

For 2013, their late entry should be one to watch. At least the head tube looks nice! It will be carbon, it will have 29-inch wheels and it will have a tapered head tube. Other than that, I don’t know anything about travel, but I’m guessing 80-100mm travel to keep it more of a race bike. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: 2013 Felt Edict 29 Unveiled Today

The full reveal happened today at Sea Otter and boy does the new Edict 29er look amazing! Granted, the spec shown will likely hit $10k, but it is something to behold. Looking at the fork, it appears to be either a 100 or 120mm travel steed. I’ll update as I get more info.

More Info: Visit FeltRacing.com

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  1. I am not wanting to take anything away from this bike as it appears pretty sweet to say the least. I was just wondering if you have had a chance to swing a leg over the new Superlight 29er yet. A little bit more everyday, I know, but I was just wondering how the single-pivot classic would handle the big hoops.

  2. A couple LBS carry Felt bikes but neither has a single MTB of Felt on the floor. I asked why this is the case. I was told that Felt’s real strength is in the Tri-bikes they design, and there is very little public interest in the brand for MTB’s.

  3. Jai… yeah, it is pretty sad that their MTB’s have not garnered much attention. Tri is certainly their specialty, but every one of their MTB’s that I’ve ridden has been phenomenal. Perhaps this one will catch on.

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