Giro is always introducing new helmet designs. Some are ultralight and others are ultra-protective and the new Feature MTB Helmet is a little bit of all of that. This new helmet is aimed at riders who are pushing the limits with longer-travel bikes, but don’t quite want to haul around a full-face lid.

Giro Feature Helmet Features:

  • Use: All-mountain, Trail Ride, Super-D
  • Includes adjustable moto-style visor
  • In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell Construction with EPS liner
  • In-Form Fit System
  • Includes 12 Vents with internal channeling
  • MSRP: $75

Giro Feature Helmet Review

When it comes to mountain bike helmets, I often opt for a little more coverage than the standard helmet, but I’m not willing to go full-face or skate-style helmet to do so. I need something with good ventilation and overall comfort to go along with the added protection and styling. With the new Giro Feature helmet, I can get skate-style looks in a breathable, functional and comfortable package.

I received this helmet a little late in the season, so my ride time has been in cool Fall weather. In those conditions, the Feature is absolutely awesome. I like how the extra coverage provided a little extra warmth in 50-degree temperatures. But, I’m guessing it will be a bit on the warm side during the heat of the Summer if you’re used to riding a more ventilated lid.

For its size, it never feels heavy or awkward. With some more substantial helmets, you can feel the weight of the lid — not so with the Feature. Once I strapped it on, I didn’t notice it being extraordinarily heavy at all, even though my regular helmet is much lighter. The overall comfort of the Feature helmet is great and I really dig the many nice features that are packed into it.

First off is the adjustable visor. Visors make the helmet decidedly a mountain bike helmet, but the dial-adjust feature takes the visor to a new level of cool and function. Often times, visors cut into your upward peripheral vision, but with the Feature, you can adjust the visor so it reduces “visor vision” to a minimum and keep it in place. Other visors do adjust up or down, but they move around and typically stay in a sweet spot that may or may not be where you want it. The locking feature alone is worth its weight in gold. The next great feature is the minimalist straps. Instead of the typically-thick straps, the Feature uses ultra-thin and lightweight webbing to provide extra comfort and flexibility.

The dial-a-fit, “In-Form Fit System” provides an easy way to adjust this lid to your noggin. All I had to do was put the helmet on my head and then adjust the dial in the back of the helmet to hold it snug on my head. That comfort persists — even on long rides.

Good Feature Helmet

  • Adjustable visor is quite clever
  • Soft, flexible straps
  • In-Form fit system dials-in the fit in a jiffy
  • Excellent coverage and protection
  • Affordable price point
  • Lots of colors

Bad Feature Helmet

  • Could be a little warm for mid-Summer usage
  • Some might not like the skate-inspired design

Bottom Line: Giro Feature Helmet

Yes, the Giro Feature helmet is bigger than your regular XC lid, but the extra protection is welcomed by those wanting to keep their brains full. The extra coverage is quite nice and while most MTB lids have oodles of vents, the Feature sports 12 large vents which actually do perform admirably.

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