With superstar Levi Leipheimer dancing in Giro prototypes for the past year or more, Giro makes it official and has released the details on their new high-end road and mountain bike shoe lineup for 2011. These shoes have been tested in The Tour de France, Leadville 100, The Tour of California and The Tour of Utah by Levi himself. With several podium finishes already, the new lineup has an impressive record — even before the public can get their feet in them.

With prices starting at $199, the new Giro shoes won’t come cheaply, so they better be comfortable and durable on the trail or on the road. For those of you who remember their first ill-fated attempt at footwear, these shoes have little in common with that pilot project gone bad and look to be a welcomed entry into the high-end cycling shoe market. Look for them at your local Giro dealer sometime in January 2011.

Here’s a bit more info on Giro’s new cycling shoes:

  • Available in seven different models for both road and MTB riding
  • Price range for road is $349 to $199
  • Price range for mountain is $279 to $199
  • Top-end models feature adjustable SuperNatural Fit Footbeds (also available as a separate kit)
  • Two years in development with 16 revisions and thousands of miles of road and trail testing
  • Features a proprietary last designed from the ground-up exclusively by Giro
  • Developed with input and testing from Retul founder Todd Carver
  • Three-time Tour of California Champion Levi Leipheimer was a critical force in the development of the shoes and raced the Tour de France in the Prolight SLX
  • Top-end models feature a high modulus carbon or composite sole designed by Easton engineers
  • Include premium materials such as Tejin uppers, custom fasteners and X-Static fabric
  • Will be sold through approximately 500 dealers in the United States
  • Giro shoes will also be available through dealers in Germany, Switzerland Denmark, Benelux, Scandinavia and the UK

Here are a few details on the top-end Prolight SLX road shoe and the Code mountain shoe. Additionally, the SuperNatural footbeds are below. (Click each image to view larger.)

More Info: Visit Giro.com

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