IMBA World Summit 2008 in Park City Utah


IMBA World Summit comes to Park City this year. I’ve never been, but it looks like a great place to learn about advocacy and trail building from the experts. And, it’s in Park City! June riding in Park City is stellar.

Don’t forget… all World Summit attendees also get into the SEASONS Film Premiere on Thursday, June 19 at the Jim Santy Auditorium.  Here’s more info from IMBA:

IMBA and the town of Park City are pulling out the stops for next month’s IMBA World Summit scheduled for June 18-21. The 3-day gathering will feature over 200 delegates from around the globe, 30 educational seminars from the best in the mountain biking game, and riding galore.

Headliners include Trek president John Burke and legendary Australian trailmeister Glen Jacobs. Freshly added speakers include Dafydd Davis, pioneer of the United Kingdom’s first purpose-built mountain bike trails at Coed y Brenin, and Vancouver’s Jay Hoots, arguably today’s most prolific urban bike park architect. Need more convincing? Keep reading…

IMBA World Summit 2008 in Park City Utah

Ten Reasons to Attend the IMBA World Summit

  1. The best trail science, strategies, and model trail systems explained during more than 30 seminars, panel discussions and workshops.
  2. Center stage panel discussion with senior decision-makers from the NPS, USFS, BLM and Parks Canada. What questions will you ask?
  3. Field trips to local trails with wizened experts like Dafydd Davis, Glen Jacobs, and Troy Duffin: The blokes who innovate trail networks around the world.
  4. Plenty o’ Schwag – All participants will receive an IMBA Summit T-shirt, collector’s edition belt buckle, and more valuable bric-a-brac. AND a free pass to see the SEASONS premiere on June 19 at 8:00pm.
  5. Foreign Languages – International delegates from around the world are coming to Park City, including the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Texas.
  6. Trailbuilder’s Showcase Showdown – The world’s best trailbuilders will show off their coolest new projects and inspire even the dullest cross-country retro-grouch.
  7. Celebrate Singletrack Film Contest – Submit your masterpiece for review now.
  8. Do it for the children – Trips for Kids will host a free one-day youth programs conference the day prior to the IMBA Summit.
  9. Hassle-free group rides for all abilities every day on the sweet nectar goodness known as the Park City trail system.
  10. Kona-IMBA Epic mountain bike ride and BBQ party on Saturday. (Park City Mid-mountain Trail)

Bonus: The Wasatch Brewing Company will produce a limited run of IMBA Pale Ale to celebrate IMBA’s 20th Anniversary!

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