When the all-new Intense Tracer VP was launched, the people cheered and magazine editors gushed as it delivered a quality ride in legendary Intense form. Wanting to extend that same ride quality to big-hoop disciples, Intense is introducing the Tracer 29 for 2010.

Sporting adjustable travel between 5 and 5.5-inches, calculated geometry for agile and capable all-mountain handling all wrapped up in the 2nd-generation VPP design, the new Tracer 29 looks to push more nay-sayers into enjoying the big wheel phenomenon.

Looks like the final geometry and weight is still under wraps, but MSRP will be $2280 with availability in May/June 2010. A beautiful-looking new 29er I’m dying to check out in person: Interbike can’t come soon enough!

In the meantime, enjoy a few pics of the Tracer 29:

More Info: Visit IntenseCycles.com

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  1. Jason –

    Any word on this bike?

    I am still on the 26er bandwagon, especially after riding a pair of new Stumpjumper FSR’s at their demo days (26″ & 29″). The 29er simply did not feel snappy and agile enough in the FSR category, especially when your a rider that likes to hop/jump/twist a lot such as myself.

    Still watching while the 29″ FS bikes get sorted out, but wanted to see the scoop on this Intense and any other news out there?

    I am hoping my future has a 29er FS bike with ~110mm of travel, 15mm front fork, ~27lbs stock, and non-race geometry that turns quick enough.

    Let me know your thoughts.

    • I got word that the Tracer 29 is available now through Intense dealers. I’m anxious to get onboard and have been told that I may be able to get a sample bike in the next few months, so we’ll see. When you get on the right 29er, you will only notice some slight degradation in low-speed handling, but a good 29er will still feel flickable and fun.

      The Niner RIP 9 is really, really fun to ride and plays well. It feels like a fun 26er at speed, but still has trouble at low-speeds and tight stuff. It’s a small tradeoff for faster rolling and smoothness, I guess.

      29ers are still not for everyone and there are a ton of great 26er trailbikes on the market today. However, my personal opinion is that a 29er with more than 100-120mm travel is overkill.

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