We’ve been long believers in Balfa–a growing high-end bike manufacturer our of Quebec, Canada. The people at Balfa believe in their products 100% and are dedicated to pushing the limits of design to produce a high-quality, handcrafted bike. We also believe in the boys at Balfa and can vouch for their craftsmanship and dedication. One of the quirky things about Balfa, but also one of the most progressive is their mixing of old and new materials. They use modern aluminum tubing for the front triangle, but stick with tried and tested chromoly rear triangles. The result is a ride like no other and probably one of the most unique bikes you’ll ever see. On the trail, Balfa bikes ride harder, last longer and look better (cool paintjobs on these badboys).

In an announcement from October 23, 2003, Balfa announced that they will no longer spec the bikes out complete. They are going back to their roots as a premiere bike frame manufacturer by only offering frame/fork combinations on most models. Balfa is solidifying itself as one of the premiere manufacturers of high-end bike frames for 2004!

Take a look at this sneak peak at the expanded 2004 Balfa mountain bike line. For more info, visit Balfa.com. To purchase a 2004 Balfa, visit Go-Ride.com.

Balfa 2Step HD

Introduced last season as the 2Step DH, the now 2Step HD or “Heavy Duty” gets some refinements for 2004 with a new front triangle and swing links. This bike can be totally decked out moderate DH or dialed in for true freeriding. Honestly, if you can only have one bike and want it to be plush as all get-out, but still want to pedal it uphill, the Balfa HD is your ticket to satisfaction. Bring it on! To purchase the 2004 Balfa 2Step HD, visit Go-Ride.com.

Balfa 2 Step FR

Out with the old and in with the new. The 2Step FR has been modified to be an all-around trailbike for 2004. Major changes include the all-new Manitou Swinger shock built from Progressive’s 5th Element technology. This bike is bound to be lighter than the 2003 version, yet provide more adjustability in ride and handling. After a quick ride at Interbike 2003, this bike is a great all-around trailbike. It’s much lighter and stiffer than the 03 2Step, so you can pedal it on all-day epics. To purchase the 2004 Balfa 2Step FR, visit Go-Ride.com.

Balfa 2Step 4X

For all you 4X racers out there who’ve been wanting the ultimate jumping machine and “speed demon beat your brother down the hill as fast as you can” bike, look no further than the all-new Balfa 2Step 4X. Built on the tried and true 2Step platform, this rig will win a few 4X races before the season is through! To purchase the 2004 Balfa 2Step 4X, visit Go-Ride.com.

2004 Balfa BelAir Equipe

This bike has set the standard as far as trailbikes are concerned. Fast and light enough to race, yet comfortable enough to ride every day. The BelAir is a sweet looking bike that delivers every time. Decked out with a Manitou fork, Maxxis tires and a full XTR drivetrain, the Equipe is ready for anything you can dish out–uphill or down! To purchase the 2004 Balfa BelAir, visit Go-Ride.com.

Look for more pictures and added information on Balfa’s 2004 lineup following Interbike 2004.

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