Rocking the Interbike Outdoor Demo is really one of my favorite times of the year. Popping from booth to booth and actually testing all the latest suspension designs and products is awesome. And what better location than at Bootleg Canyon, Nevada. Bootleg is really growing in notoriety and is coming into its own as a great winter riding destination. With hundreds of miles of DH, XC and freeride trails, this area is the perfect destination for the Outdoor demo.

Another year of innovation has passed and we’re going to do our best to distill the best and quite possibly the worst of the new bikes and gimmicks coming your way in 2008. The list of trail bikes tested is pretty exhaustive and the new trails encountered this year really allowed us to put them through more paces than in previous years. Also, it was helpful having two of us there testing out the new rigs.

Look for reviews of all bikes tested at the demo shortly, but reviews of our favorite three bikes are already live:

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