For years now, my mountain biking season has started and ended in Lambert Park located in Alpine, Utah. This collection of 11 miles of singletrack sits at a low enough elevation to be snow-free until December and thawed out by the end of March. While the riding is by no means epic, the trails are definitely challenging and fun–all in the backyard.

It was just December that I was spinning laps on the Niner Jet 9… for my first ride of the season, I got out on a new 2009 Kona Dawg Supreme that’s in for long-term review (excellent bike so far). Same lively green color, but different bikes indeed. With temperatures hovering in the low 70’s on the 21st of March (really?), I was stoked to be out riding on dry trails in a short-sleeve jersey.

I typically start at the South end of the park and ride my way into the miles of twisty, turny and rocky trails–choosing a different loop nearly every time. With so many trails all squished together, it’s easy to mix it up and in all my years of riding, I’ve really yet to ride the exact same loop every time.  It’s a little of what makes this local trail system so much fun.  New this year, trail crews have installed a handful of gap and table jumps here and there (primarily on Wildcat and the new Ziggy). Some of these newly-cut trails are still in need of some love, but add spice to your ride.

More Info: Visit for Lambert Park Trailmaps

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  1. Great to see you have the weather to get back out there! We spent the entire weekend ripping up singletrack in Pisgah, NC. PERFECT sunny and 60 weather all weekend long…can’t ask for better than that!

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