Freedom. We all want it. We all deserve it – especially when it comes to riding our bikes.

Freedom Riders, the latest high-definition mountain biking film from Jackson, WY-based KGB Productions and Gravnetic, will hold its world premiere on Saturday April 18, 2009 at the Sea Otter Classic at the Embassy Suites in Seaside, CA. from 7-9pm. The premiere will be screened at the IMBA California Benefit Party with proceeds to benefit the biking advocacy organization. Tickets cost $10 at the door and there will be a huge raffle featuring loads of killer prizes. IMBA, who’s mission is to create, enhance and protect great trail experiences for mountain bikers worldwide, is a partner for the Freedom Riders premiere, as well as the 50 venue nationwide tour that will commence after Sea Otter.

“We’re super excited to have IMBA as a partner for the Freedom Riders project and given all the hard work and advocacy they put into furthering the sport of biking it’s truly a natural fit,” says KGB co-founder Sam Pope. “The film shows how important trails are to the mountain biking community and how a dedicated group of riders followed their passion to create history.”

Freedom Riders is the Dogtown and Z Boys of mountain biking. The film artistically captures the evolution of freeriding from stealth trail building to forging a working relationship with the U.S. Forest Service to establish the first-ever downhill specific trail in Forest Service history in the Teton Pass area of Wyoming. The film showcases the freeriding subculture in North America from where it was to where it is now by highlighting how the sport has obtained its legitimacy in the public eye.

Freedom Riders The Movie

Freedom Riders provides a compelling story of a group of individuals who never let their passion die while looking at the rich culture and history behind the sport. From old-school footage of Tom Richey and Gary Fisher to the time, hours and sweat it takes to build a trail to hucking and ripping down singletrack, Freedom Riders isn’t your typical bike porn film, it tells a story – an important one for any bike lover. The film with also feature an original soundtrack by Grammy Award nominee Luke Reynolds of Astral Kids.

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  1. yeah, the movie looks rad – can’t wait to check it out and hang with the KGB and Gravnetic boys at Sea Otter. Totally different than any other movie out there that speaks to a super important issue. Not just the bike porn.

  2. No doubt… I’ve had my eye on trailbuilding over the years and thought about doing it every so often. I do my fair share of trail maintenance though with clippers in my hydration pack.

    Been a fair amount of buzz lately here in Salt Lake with the build-out of a handful of authorized DH/FR trails. Cities are working with local DH organizations to make some great stuff.

    The guys at WAFTA Utah come to mind with the Draper DH trail that was built last Summer:

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