One description I’ve read for the Louis Garneau Dirt Shorts says “Why choose one when you can have both?” in reference to wearing bib shorts or baggies when riding trails. Louis Garneau has pretty much nailed it in bringing the two together.

Louis Garneau Dirt Shorts Features:

  • Material: Rhino, Revolt, Lightsens, Square Mesh
  • Fit: relaxed
  • Inseam: 12.5 in
  • Removable Liner: yes, detachable bib short included
  • Chamois: yes, chamois integrated within bib short liner
  • Pockets: 2 zippered hand
  • Waist: adjustable waist tabs, flexible zone at rear
  • Reflective: reflective logo at frontside
  • Recommended Use: enduro, trail
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: $109.95
Louis Garneau Dirt Shorts Review

I quite like the “jeans” blue color on these.

Baggy, durable with comfy bib shorts liners

I wanted to put the Louis Garneau Dirt Shorts through the ringer this summer, so they are the only shorts I’ve worn. Yeah, that means that I rode them more than a few times when they should have been washed…

Overall, the Dirt Shorts are nice. They feature a nice, baggy cut. That plus some stretchability equals good, non-restrictive movement across all movements from pedaling, swinging my leg over the bike, and squatting down to fix a flat. Garneau provides a combination of their tough Rhino fabric that provides abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and water resistance. Pull all of that together and durability is high. I haven’t snagged or ripped the fabric on trees, bushes, or rocks. Thankfully, I haven’t taken any big falls this year so I don’t quite have a read on how they’ll hold up skidding across the ground (although, based on what I’ve seen, they’ll do just fine).

Louis Garneau Dirt Shorts Review

Highly capable shorts no matter what style of MTB you’re riding.

There’s a couple of things on Dirt Shorts that I’m not stoked on. First is they included a button and dress pant-style hook to add triple holdup security. It’s really odd to have all that just to keep them secured. And the velcro closure isn’t stitched as securely as I’d like and may unstitch at some point.

Louis Garneau Dirt Shorts Review

Careful with the velcro! What’s this extra loop/slide closure?

Pockets are important to me and the Dirt Shorts have great pockets. Garneau including two zip front pockets. The zips are placed right for access. I know, I know, it seems small but I’ve ridden shorts where the zips are too far in and too far back. The well integrated with the shorts so when you place stuff in them, they don’t flop around and get in the way. My favorite part, the pockets are big enough to fit my Google Pixel XL phone. Sometimes you don’t want to put your phone in your pack.

Louis Garneau Dirt Shorts Review

The Dirt Shorts feature a longer cut a highly durable fabric.

I’m not a bib shorts guys, I never have been, so they took me awhile to get used to them. With their background in road kits, Garneau crushed the bib shorts. The bib itself is mesh and highly breathable. I thought it would going to contribute to overheating but it really doesn’t. The chamois is fairly thick and comfortable. It rides well and does a great job of wicking. The legs are cut long, like the outer shorts and they stay in place. I’ve had road shorts that ride up, no matter what I do. Once I have these bibs on, the legs stay in place. They integrate with the Dirt Shorts via two snap loops on the hips.

Louis Garneau Dirt Shorts Review

Style is mega with the Dirt Shorts and T-Dirt

Lastly, the Dirt Shorts score high on style points. You might say you don’t care, but inside you do care about how you look. Pair the shorts with a matching T-Dirt Shirt and you’re set. Quick note on the T-Dirt shirt: The shirt is a shirt. It also has cool styling with the pocket but it’s a run-of-the-mill performance shirt. It’s light, breathes well, and is very comfortable. That’s all I expect from a performance shirt.

The Good

  • Performance & Durability
  • Included bibs
  • Style
  • Front pockets can fit a plus-sized phone and it doesn’t bounce around

The Bad

  • Bibs – if you’re not used to them
  • Snaps include a weird loop and catch, not sure what it does
  • Velcro with the snaps will rip/tear easily if you aren’t careful pulling it apart

The Bottom Line: Louis Garneau Dirt Shorts

If you’re looking a baggy kit, you should strongly consider the Louis Garneau Dirt Shorts. They knocked it out the park with performance, features, and the included bibs. You’ll ride in comfort and in style.

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