Over the years, the 2.35 tire width has become the standard size for trailbikes. It splits the difference between the XC-friendly 2.1 and freeride 2.5 widths. I remember going from 2.1 to 2.5’s and even 2.7’s back in 2002 when I was riding my beloved Turner RFX (man I loved that bike).  But, since that time I’ve settled into the 2.35 tire width pretty much exclusively.

Maxxis Ignitor 2.35 Tire Review

I rode the Maxxis Ignitor 2.35’s on the 2009 Kona Dawg Supreme with excellent results. This tire is an excellent choice for soft and tacky conditions and even does well in loose, rocky terrain.

More info from Maxxis:

The Ignitor tread pattern was designed for the most discerning professional racers and already has laid claim to multiple World Cup victories. The well-spaced tread pattern fills in nicely to provide low rolling resistance in the straights, while the ramped pentagonal knobs provide excellent traction in the corners and in medium soil.

Specs on the Maxxis Ignitor 2.35:

  • Sizes: 26 x 1.95, 2.10 or 2.35 (tested)
  • Bead: Foldable
  • Casing: Lightweight, single-ply
  • Weight: 520 (1.95) – 790 grams (2.35)
  • Durometer: 62 or 70
  • MSRP: $48 (2.35)

Maxxis Ignitor Tire Review - Tread Pattern

Maxxis Ignitor 2.35 Tire Review

With its widely-spaced knobs and rounded profile, the Ignitor is fast-rolling and capable of hooking up when pressed hard. At 790 grams, the 2.35 width is smack-dab in the middle of the pack when it comes to weight. It feels like a nice balance between ultra-thin sidewalls and beefy DH treads.

Riding at 20-22 psi, front and 25-27 psi, rear, I found the Kona Dawg Supreme to hook up well on rocky, soft and hardpack trails. I pushed these tires hard into corners and they always provided Velcro-like traction. Rallying down fast downhills and rolling through tight, twisty singletrack brought out the best in the Ignitors.

Climbing traction also feelt very solid. Every time I pushed them on something steep and technical, traction was nearly always there. The only exception came with really loose, rocky terrain–and that gives all tires fits.

Maxxis Ignitor 2.35 Tire Review

Good Ignitor

  • Rounded profile is great for all-around use
  • Feels fast rolling
  • Lightweight
  • Hooks up in the corners
  • No flats in 3 months

Bad Ignitor

  • Can lose climbing traction in dry/loose sand
  • XC purists may gripe at the width and weight

The Bottom Line: Maxxis Ignitor 2.35 Tires

These new treads from Maxxis offer excellent trail feel and hook up nicely in medium to hardpack trails. Should you get some mud, the widely-spaced treads will shed it lickedy-split.

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  1. I am in need of information for the best tires for my weight and tube liners. Please call me @ 618.580.6392, I am tired (no pun intended) of flats.

  2. Hey Brandon

    I wish I had time to call everyone who wanted to pick my brain, but it’s simply not possible. 🙂

    What bike are you riding? What’s your height and weight? What tires are you currently using? What’s your location and riding style?

    Those are always a good starting point.

  3. I use this tires on my MTB with 80% on road and 20% off road. In the weekend I use to go to the track near my house that is always muddy and wet. The Maxxis Ignitor has a good grip on a mire and some transversed roots. It never been slipped on a wet climbing track but it won’t work if you push it for speeding. It’s not recommended for XC race.

  4. Kellys imagine owner on

    This is not by any mean a fast roling tyre. This is a tyre with extreme rolling resistance. This is a tyre for strenght training. Should be sold with spare lungs package. Thank u, the user

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