Name that Frame: All-new VPP Trailbike from Intense Cycles


I’ve been a big fan of Intense Cycles for a long time. The love affair dates back to 2001 when I rode the long-retired Intense Uzzi SLX at the Interbike Outdoor Demo. That bike displayed advanced climbing and descending characteristics for its day. There’s no doubt that it goes down as one of the pioneers in the 6-inch travel trailbike world.

Then, in 2005, I rode the first version of the Intense 6.6 trailbike. Utilizing the heralded VPP suspension design, the 6.6 showed me what could be done with the VPP design in a real-world trailbike. I’m talking something that you’d want to pedal uphill all day, then unleash the hounds as you scream back down every rock-strewn vertical foot. Now the evolution continues…

Intense is currently looking for the name of their new trailbike. Though the specs are unknown, it looks to be in the 5.5/6.6 realm since it is built up with a Fox 36 fork (160mm). I’d guess that it will replace the 6.6, but that has yet to be confirmed. What’s cool about this new bike is that it uses the next-generation VPP pivots with built-in zerk fittings. Squeaky pivots (which have plagued some of the VPP designs) will be blasts from the past as you can now grease the pivots from the comfort of your tailgate.

Intense VPP Trailbike - Name That Frame

To submit your suggestion, visit and simply fill out the entry form. Looks like the lucky namer will win the first production frame autographed by Jeff Steber!

More Info: Visit to Suggest Your Name

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  1. Looks like they didn’t really go outside the company to make the frame name decision, but it’s fitting to revamp an old name. The new frame will be called the Intense Tracer VP.

  2. Looks flexy! Zerk fittings = good idea, lets see how it works out, I hated having to remove & repress new bearing in my old m3.

  3. As far as being “flexy”, I think it’s impossible to tell that from a picture. It looks very solid to me… I have no reason to believe it will be flexy in any way.

    The addition of the Zerk grease fittings is definitely a great improvement as you’ve noticed, changing bearings can be a pain.

  4. From the look of the 1 piece CNC machined bottom link this could be super stiff. It has a hollow bridge and would look like a much stronger shape than the 6.6, of course time will tell. Its certainly a nice looking frame, Bring it on!!!

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