New SRAM Roam 60 27.5 Wheels – Is Wider Faster?


When Ibis launched their ultra-wide rims a few years back, many people scoffed — that is until they rode them. Fast-forward a couple of years and wider is better for everyone and SRAM’s new Roam 60 carbon wheels will deliver width and performance for the modern trail bike. And, actually, these look like a great wheelset for the new Ibis Mojo 3.

Available exclusively for 27.5 bikes, the Roam 60 has some excellent specs including:

  • Available in standard or Boost hub spacing with all necessary endcaps
  • Asymmetrical rim design
  • 30mm inside rim width (great for 27.5+ bikes)
  • Hookless bead design
  • XD or standard driver body
  • Solo Spoke with Speedball bearings
  • Spoke count: 24
  • Weight: 750 grams (front) / 875 grams (rear)
  • Price: $1000 (front) / $1043 (rear)
SRAM Roam 60 Front Wheel

SRAM Roam 60 Front Wheel

SRAM Roam 60 Rear Wheel

SRAM Roam 60 Rear Wheel

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