With Eurobike going strong this week, ’tis the season for new bike gear. It’s always a bit of a letdown when cool stuff leaks out of Eurobike because Interbike is still a couple of weeks out. However, sometimes it’s good because I get a head’s up prior to going as to what to look for at the show.

Hot off the press is the official release of the 2010 Niner AIR9 Carbon in all its sexy goodness. I’m not a 26-inch hardtail fan at all, but a 29er hardtail is a different story and a carbon-fiber 29er hardtail is even better. Look for more details as they come in, but here are a few specs on the all-new Niner AIR9 Carbon.

Niner AIR9 Carbon:

  • High modulus carbon fiber
  • Bio-Centric EBB bottom bracket for geared or singlespeed use
  • Tapered steerer tube
  • Built around 80-100mm forks
  • Internal cable housing
  • Colors: Tang or Vanna White
  • MSRP: $TBD

Niner AIR 9 Carbon Frame

More Info: Visit NinerBikes.com

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  1. I dont know why they preview the bike so early and only to let disappointed customers know that the bike will only be available next spring

  2. Yeah… kind of a bummer, but small bike companies tend to do the same. Maybe not such a long wait, but typically it’s at least 6 months before products unveiled at Interbike are available for purchase.

    Bigger companies like Specialized, Trek or Kona do try to have the 2010 models in stores by the end of the year, but smaller companies vary.

  3. What a crappy video- this from a company that sells pricey, high quality bikes. “Hey guys- let’s go to the back parking lot and shoot a video for our $6,000 bike and not use a script, sound like we don’t know what we’re talking about, and hope no loud trucks drive by while shooting!”. Embarrassing! And Steve- please invest at least a few hundred bucks in decent promo video next time. You are a business man, not a bike guy.

  4. Hey Matt

    Definitely not a perfect video, but it wasn’t produced by Niner, it was produced by the crew at http://www.29pollici.com. Knowing how these videos are produced, Steve and Chris have little time to prepare and just head out back of the Convention Center at Eurobike and do it off-the-cuff.

    Perfect… no. But, it was the best video I could find.

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