With the introduction of the Niner WFO this year, Niner continues to promote the demise of the 26er in all disciplines–including DH. DH!?!?!? Really? Yup… the WFO is for real and to complement the WFO, Niner and WTB have released the all-new Kodiak 2.5.

This tire is MEATY for sure. I recall seeing it at the WTB booth at Interbike–definitely DH-only! At 1400 grams each, this thing would be a pig to pedal uphill, but I’m sure it will crush the downhill!

Here’s a bit more info from Niner:

The much anticipated WTB Kodiak tire is now available for purchase exclusively from the Niner Bikes online store and from the Niner Bikes dealer network.

“This tire is the result of our desire to offer the longest travel, burliest production 29er mountain bike, and WTB’s help with the project has been invaluable.” said Niner co-founder Chris Sugai, “WTB knows that there are a ton of riders out there that want a 29er with freeride and downhill capability and their willingness to step up and be the first to make a wire bead, dual-ply 29er tire shows that their passion for the big revolution is genuine”.

WTB Kodiak Tire Details:

A 2.5′” monster, this Niner exclusive tire is the burliest rubber you can spec on your 29er bike. Made with WTB’s High Grip DNA™ rubber compound, the tread is specifically designed for fast, gnarly, technical descending. The WTB Inner Peace™ sidewall reinforcement has your back when it comes to pinch flat protection, sidewall stiffness and keeping tire damage to a minimum. Finally, the wire bead means less bead stretch and better rim retention when you do push the limits of your riding.

WTB Kodiak Specs: 29×2.5″, 1400 grams, 50 Durometer, 27 TPI, MSRP is $49.95 – buy now

More Info: Visit NinerBikes.com

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