As if Niner needed to up the ante with the Jet 9 RDO. The bike was already one of the most drooled-over 29ers on the market today with waiting lists just to catch a glimpse of one. That popularity says a lot about what Niner is doing and has been doing for years — making awesome-riding bikes that just happen to have 29-inch wheels.

I still ride and love my Jet 9 Al, but the lure of a full-carbon Jet 9 is hard to resist. Well, now Niner has split out the line even more with an upgraded Jet 9 RDO and the new Jet 9 Carbon while retaining the Jet 9 Al in the lineup. The new Jet Trio covers all XC/Trail riders needs and budgets. And, for those smaller riders out there who have wanted to hop onto some big hoops, both the RDO and Carbon will be available in XS sizing. Now I will finally have to succumb to my wife’s call for a new bike. Thanks a lot, Niner!

Niner’s President, Chris Sugai says the following about the new Jet 9 family:

“We are focused on ride quality at Niner, and the new Jet 9 RDO is about details – the carbon rocker is a custom design and the 142mm maxle gives riders even more power transfer efficiency on what is already a very fast platform.” said Niner president Chris Sugai, “The introduction of the Jet 9 Carbon is the beginning of something new at Niner – a great complete bike option for riders who want to get onto their first carbon Niner. We’ve set up this build to be dependable and fun to ride, in cooperation with our friends at Rock Shox, American Classic, Shimano and Schwalbe. Additionally, we are now able to offer both carbon frames in size extra small with a stand-over height of 26.5”/672mm – greatly expanding the range of riders that our bikes will fit”.

Here are a handful of images and a link to a PDF containing all the juicy details of the new RDO and Carbon.

Niner Jet 9 RDO – Revised for 2013

All-new carbon links and Fox Factory Float CTD shock:

New 142×12 Maxle rear end:

Niner Jet 9 Carbon – SLX Complete for $3899!

More Info: Download the Spec Sheet (PDF) | Visit


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