Niner fans have been waiting for this for a LONG time… the actual shipment of the much-ballyhooed Niner WFO 9 long-travel 29er trai/freeride bike. It’s the first of its kind in a 29er platform, so purists are scoffing, but if everything goes according to Niner’s calculated plans, they will have the last laugh.

In spite of all the delays, I’m sure the WFO 9 will quickly silence the skeptics and people get saddle-time on this new steed. I’m hopeful to get on one at the Interbike Outdoor Demo in a few months, but until then we’ll just have to rely on the initial reports from the field. Are you lucky enough to have one on order? Chime in once you get it on the dirt… we’re all anxious to hear how it performs. Here it is in Vanna White… so sexy!

Niner WFO 9 - Vanna White

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  1. I have my eyes on this baby at Interbike too. I just might be able to ride Snakebite on this beauty. I really liked the RIP 9 I rode last year. Let’s hope they have enough of these at Bootleg to go around!

  2. Yeah, the new RIP is money and likely the “perfect” trailbike, but this one looks like pure fun while enjoying the benefits of a 29er platform at the same time.

    I’ve loved every Niner I’ve swung a leg over… guessing the WFO will be about the same. Outdoor Demo will indeed be the trick on this one.

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