Do you feel it?  That slight chill in the air?  Fall’s right around the corner.  Time to cover up those fingertips to stay comfortable on the handlebars.

But what if you want to maintain some ventilation and comfort for warm Indian summer rides?  If that’s your situation, Pearl Izumi’s Impact is your glove.

Pearl Izumi Impact MTB Glove Features:

  • Clarino synthetic leather palm
  • Palm patterning for reduced bunching
  • Silicone screened fingertip grips
  • Soft thumb wipe surface
  • Light padding in heel of palm
  • Three color options
  • MSRP $25.00

Pearl Izumi Impact Glove Review

Probably the best thing you can say about a pair of gloves is that they’re unnoticeable.  They fit well, stay in place, and don’t get uncomfortable after a few hours in the saddle.  If that’s the criteria, Pearl Izumi’s Impact glove is perfectly unnoticeable.  Except when it isn’t.

Confused?  Here’s the unnoticeable stuff:  A lightly padded palm gives you just enough pressure relief without feeling bulky.  Ventilated mesh on top moves moisture away from your hands when you’re sweating your way uphill.  Thickness is just enough to keep you warm, but maintains enough dexterity to work drink tubes and access zipper pockets.  The thumb wipe surface is soft against the skin without being abrasive.

The noticeable part, of course, is the color; you can probably pick these gloves out of a lineup from 50 yards away, especially the orange or lime green versions.  That’s not necessarily good or bad, just … noticeable.

Standout colors; thin mesh for ventilation

From a performance standpoint, the Impact works just right.  It doesn’t bunch or slide, and the Clarino leather palm has been tough enough to withstand a couple of minor spills without tearing.  The glove gives you good basic protection without sacrificing comfort.

Good Impact Glove

  • Comfortable fit
  • Holds shape well
  • Provides both cooling or warmth

Bad Impact Glove

  • The colors, maybe?  Some folks might not want to be picked out of a lineup.

Bottom Line: Pearl Izumi Impact Gloves

Pearl Izumi’s Impact glove is a solid, basic, “just a little something extra” glove for autumn MTB outings.

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