I’ve got to tip my hat to my good friends at Niner Bikes. Their hard work and dedication to the 29er platform — specifically 29er full-suspension platform — has paid off. Obtaining a patent in the bike suspension world is a great step forward. Joining notable designs as the FSR and DW-Link, Niner’s own Constantly Varying Arc (CVA) suspension design has now earned protected status.

While obtaining a U.S. patent is great news for Niner, I’m now more stoked for the pending announcement of the 2012 Jet 9 Carbon. The photo that Niner released with the CVA announcement gives us a glimpse at the soon-to-be-released Jet 9 Carbon.  Here’s the official release and a teaser photo of the new Jet 9 Carbon.

Niner Bikes is pleased to announce that CVA™ (Constantly Varying Arc) Suspension Technology is now covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,934,739.

“The timing on this is great,” said Chris Sugai, President of Niner Bikes. “As we predicted when Niner was founded, 29 is now a significant focus in the industry. Our early commitment to this platform means that we have the only patented suspension system developed specifically around big wheels.”

According to Niner, in addition to being designed specifically with 29ers in mind, CVA’s advantages also include efficiency across all gears — particularly important with the growing popularity of 2×10 systems. “The dozens of positive reviews we have received around he world support CVA as the premier 29er suspension option. Our commitment to 29ers-only enables us to refine the system for our chosen wheels size,” said Sugai.

CVA suspension designs are featured on all of Niner’s full suspension bikes, from short travel XC to all-mountain options.

More Info: Visit Ninerbikes.com/CVA

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