Pushing Yourself on the Clark’s Trail Time Trial


While some people choose to eat during lunch, I prefer to ride on the nearby singletrack trails in Draper, Utah. With the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Oak Hollow, Corner Canyon and Clarks Trails all within a mile of my office, it’s the perfect lunchtime snack… on singletrack, that is.

A few weeks ago, a friend keyed me in on the Clark’s Trail Time Trial. There’s a section of the trail that’s used as a self-timed time trial for those willing to partake in the fun. While I’m no XC racer, I thought I’d give it a go.

Having ridden the trail several times untimed, I had high hopes for myself since I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for a long time.  After back-to-back summers of moving (to AZ in 2006 and back to UT in 2007), I’ve been riding consistently and have actually shed nearly 20 lbs. from my all-time-high of 195 lbs. while in Arizona.

Clark\'s Trail Time Trial - Jason Mitchell on a Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC 70

My first timed run was done on the Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC 70 that I’ve ridden over the past couple of weeks.  I thought it would be decent enough for a first attempt.  My time… 17:40. Yeah, not so fast. Well, today, I hit it with the new Niner RIP 9 that I just received for testing purposes. My time… 14:50!  Definitely a significant improvement, but lots of room still before I break the 13:00 mark, which is my current goal.

I thought I pushed myself pretty hard, so I’m going to have to step things up on subsequent rides.  The Clark’s TT is a cool motivator and a fun way to push yourself to ride faster and harder–something I tend not to do so much. I typically plug uphill at my own pace so I can enjoy the down, but this has been a fun challenge. Head on out to Clark’s Trail and test yourself. Or, find a local climb and start doing the same thing.

More Info: Visit the Clark’s Time Trail Blog

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  1. Just today I hit Clark’s on the new Ellsworth Evolve 29-er that I’ve got in the stable. I did shave some time off, but not as much as I’d like to have. I came in at 14:27. Next stop, sub-14!

  2. We just noticed that website last week, and are thinking of trying this out Thursday morning. I’m thinking somewhere in the 20’s for my first timed attempt!

  3. Jason Mitchell on

    Sandbagger!!! 🙂

    My best time this year has been 13:58, so just barely under 14. We’ll see if I can break 13:30.

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