That search for the perfect grips can be frustrating. For me, the combination of soft, grippy rubber combined with slightly larger diameter is money. When the RaceFace Grippler Lock-on grips showed up, they had my name written all over them.

RaceFace Grippler Lock-on Grips Feature:

  • Soft, varied grip depth on palm side
  • Directional ramped logo underside
  • Rubber extends over both lock-ons
  • Available in 10 colors to match your ride
  • 30 or 33mm diameter options
  • 132mm length
  • Weight: 108 g / 136 g
  • MSRP: $30
RaceFace Grippler Lock-on Grips Review

Tacky trails and grippy grips are a signal of good things to come.

Space-age grip for earth-friendly rides

The North Shore can be a harsh riding environment and grips are critical to maneuver the most technical terrain with wet hands or loose grips. Locking grips have been standard equipment for me for as long as I can remember. Cockpit changes and rock-solid grip security is a must, so I don’t even consider anything else to be a viable option.

The Grippler is available in a variety of colors (orange looks snappy on the Niner SIR 9) and two diameters — 30 and 33mm. I opted for the larger ones and couldn’t be happier with the feel in-hand and added control. Installation is a breeze and on par with most lock-ons on the market. These have two locking rings for bulletproof placement and bolt access is from the back on both rings. Just move the rubber flap and tighten accordingly. Remember not to over tighten the bolts (go with a torque wrench to avoid stripping them out if you’ve got meat hands).

RaceFace Grippler Grips Review

The 33mm diameter proved perfect for comfort and control.

I’ve found the rubber to be just the right durometer to deliver excellent grip, bar feel and vibration dampening. My palms are instantly-comfortable and it doesn’t ever lack grip under any condition. A variety of temperatures — all the way down to near freezing — yielded the same quality rubber feel as well. I’ll also give the nod to the integrated end cap from both a protection and simplicity standpoint.

Something to point out is the circular grid pattern on the tops. This pattern certainly makes for much of the comfort provided here. I notice a significant difference with the Gripplers in that regard as opposed to other grips that don’t have ergonomic block patterns.

While the Gripplers have proven to be fantastic for me, there is honestly no shortage of available grip options. Knowing that, RaceFace launched them with a hilarious “as seen on TV” type video. Hang in there, Wade!

The Good

  • Soft, grippy compound
  • Circular grid pattern offers natural palm padding
  • Fatigue-free riding with no wrist or hand pain
  • Dual lock-on design stays put
  • Integrated end caps
  • Wide variety of colors

The Bad

  • Again, grip preference is personal so your mileage may vary (but these are a safe bet)

The Bottom Line: RaceFace Grippler Grips

It’s hard to find anything to complain about with the new RaceFace Grippler grips. They offer comfortable, natural grip in all conditions. I’ve loved the added comfort and control they have provided throughout my testing and the 33mm diameter is perfect for my hands.

Buy Now: Available at JensonUSA

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