Coverage is always a good thing. Cell phone companies blabber about it and helmet manufacturers squeeze the most noggin coverage possible without compromising weight and breathability. Such is the case with Bontrager’s new Lithos helmet — it has plenty of coverage, lots of vents and fits like a charm.

Bontrager Lithos Helmet Features:

  • In-mold composite skeleton for improved ventilation
  • Headmaster fit system is adjustable by height and circumference
  • NoSweat to keep sweat out of eyes
  • FlatLock Strap Dividers for a fixed-position fit
  • Drop-in Coverage provides additional coverage
  • Headset co-molded EVA foam pads
  • Blendr accessory mounts for GoPro and Ion Lights
  • One-year crash replacement
  • Weight: 435 grams (Medium)
  • Price: $149.99

Bontrager Lithos Helmet Review

Lithos is Greek for “Cool Lid, Bro”

Newly-revised for 2015, the Lithos is built as an all-mountain/enduro helmet with extra coverage and top-notch fit. Everything about this helmet just oozes quality and it has proven to be a solid choice for everyday riding, not just enduro sessions.

For starters, the Lithos features a composite skeleton with fused multi-density foam — none of this cheapy stuff. The entire helmet just feels substantial. And at 435 grams, it does come in heavier than other helmets in this category. I’m not one to advocate a race to the bottom when it comes to helmets, but its weight is worth noting (the POC Trabec Race MIPS is 365 grams). An extra 75-100 grams won’t be noticed on the trail and I never once felt like the Lithos was crimping my stride.

Testing the Bontrager Lithos Helmet

Mid-summer trail testing in Corner Canyon, Utah.

The fit provided by the Lithos can only be described as “cradled.” This helmet truly does connect to my head and immediately become a part of me. Some of that is due to my shaved head, but every adjustment makes this helmet feel as if it was custom-molded to my head.

While the Lithos lacks MIPS (likely to change for 2016), it does feature multi-density ribs to distribute impacts. In fact, the entire construction of this helmet is almost a work of art with a mixture of hard and soft materials, vents galore and adjustability.

Bontrager Lithos Helmet Review

A double-flat left me stranded, so I took a Lithos selfie while help arrived.

It features a large visor (something that’s common in this segment) that can be adjusted upward or removed. It did get in the way of visibility at times, when heads-down hammering, so rotating it upwards was something I did in the saddle. My Spy Screw sunglasses could be perched atop the helmet and stayed put pretty well. Speaking of sunglasses, the Lithos is easily compatible with nearly every pair I have in the stable. Oftentimes, full-coverage lids get in the way of sunglasses with straight temples, but the Lithos does not.

Something else worth mentioning are┬áthe thin and flexible straps. While not as thin as those found on the Giro Aeon, they are less substantial than most helmet straps. The result is added next-to-skin comfort — particularly when I’ve just shaved.

One of the coolest features of the Lithos is the removable GoPro/light mount. This pops into place and stays put for POV sessions or night rides with a Bontrager Ion headlight.

The Good

  • Solid and protective helmet
  • Soft straps feel comfortable next-to-skin
  • Adjustments for a near-custom fit
  • Large visor that’s easily moved
  • Removable GoPro/light mount is awesome
  • Fixed strap yoke keeps adjustments simple
  • Sunglasses will stay put on top
  • Ventilation is great — even in 95-degree heat

The Bad

  • On the heavy end for this segment
  • No MIPS

The Bottom Line: Bontrager Lithos

This helmet stands out as a highly-protective lid for enduro and all-mountain use. It is built sturdy enough to withstand a hefty dose of use, looks great and has a rock-solid fit. Add on top of that the removable GoPro mounts and this one is perfect for today’s all-mountain rider.

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