Because you never want to ride your MTB without a good pair of gloves, Kali comes to the rescue with their Venture gloves. Built with modern touches and a great fit, these are worth a good look

Kali Protectives Venture Gloves Features:

  • Microfiber palms
  • Absorbent thumb wipe
  • Flex knuckles for optimum articulation
  • TPR knuckle and outer hand protection
  • Gel inserts in palms for added comfort
  • Touchscreen compatible finger tips
  • MSRP: $40
Kali Venture Gloves Review

The Venture gloves are form-fitting, comfortable and touchscreen-friendly.

Venture gloves are solid, reliable

Not much can be said when gloves are doing their job, but when they don’t quite fit or feel right, they are annoying. With a well-crafted fit and quality materials, all it took was one try and I knew that the Venture glove would be the invisible type that just plain work.

Slipping them on, I immediately noticed the contoured fit with each panel conforming to my fingers with precision. No annoying seams or excess material anywhere — just a proper glove fit. The materials used are durable and have proven to withstand abuse so far. A couple of crashes in and the only signs of wear I’m noticing are on the tips of my index and middle fingers. It’s just a little bit of minor pilling, but I’ll keep an eye on it long-term.

Kali Venture Gloves Review

A little bit of fraying on the fingertips after a summer of abuse.

I’ve appreciated the gel inserts for added squishy comfort, and they are low profile enough so as not to feel awkward. Something else that’s nice about these is the touchscreen finger tips. It seems to work reliably and is very responsive. I use it quite often for trailside selfies or taking product photos and I appreciate not having to remove my gloves to take photos.

Kali Venture Gloves Review

Rolling in the Venture gloves.

The flip side of the touchscreen finger tips is that you lose silicone grip for braking. If I could point out the only significant issue with these it would be their lack of braking grip. There’s a little bit of criss-cross silicone, but a touch more would make one-finger braking a touch better.

The Good

  • Excellent fit overall
  • Good grip feel
  • No extra material or annoying seams
  • Silicone palm inserts add comfort
  • Touchscreen-compatible finger tips
  • Quality materials are taking abuse in stride

The Bad

  • A little more silicone on finger tips could make braking better

The Bottom Line: Kali Venture Gloves

Most of all, I’ve loved the proper, ergonomic fit of the Venture gloves. Construction is solid with all the features you’d expect from a modern pair of MTB gloves.

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