Gloves or mittens is the usual debate in our house when the kids head out in the snow. Nobody wants mittens because it’s hard to make a snowman or throw snowballs. But, even though gloves offer better dexterity, they are never as warm as a good pair of mittens. Pearl Izumi knows this well, so that’s why the P.R.O. AmFIB gloves feature the best of both gloves and mittens for the ultimate in warmth and dexterity.

Pearl Izumi PRO AmFIB Super Gloves Features:

  • P.R.O. Softshell with DWR finish shell provides wind and water protection
  • 170g Primaloft® Gold insulation provides warmth without bulk
  • P.R.O. Barrier WxB powered by Outdry® lining provides optimal water protection by bonding the waterproof, breathable membrane directly to the external layer of the glove
  • Clarino™ synthetic leather palm provides superior softness and durability
  • Half lobster finger configuration keeps fingers warm and allows greater dexterity
  • 1:1 Palm design
  • Draw cord on wrist to close off glove opening to the elements
  • Back of hand cinch allows for perfect fit with minimal bulk
  • Fleece lined interior for next to skin comfort
  • Reflective elements for low–light visibility
  • MSRP: $120
Pearl Izumi PRO AmFIB Super Gloves Review

The claw is your friend.

Super Duper Gloves… err… Mittens… err… Glittens

With the right combination of gloves, bib tights, shoe covers, jerseys and jackets, it is possible to ride all year round. For me, winter riding was exclusive to the road, but with fatbikes, all seasons can be singletrack seasons. And, with the right gloves, your digits will stay warm and usable for every mile along the way.

The PRO AmFIB Super Gloves are gauntlet glove that features a hybrid glove/mitten design. While other winter cycling gloves go for the lobster claw design (like the Craft Siberian Split Finger Gloves), the AmFIB’s combine the ring and pinky fingers together and leave the thumb, index and middle fingers separate. With this design, both braking and shifting remains natural and overall warmth is maintained — it’s kind of the best of both worlds.

Testing the Pearl Izumi PRO AmFIB Super Gloves

Tooling around on the Scott Big Ed fatbike.

On the bike, this hybrid approach works well. My testing was entirely on the Scott Big Ed fatbike, so speeds were never in excess of 20 mph. and most speeds were considerably lower. At those lower fatbike speeds, the gloves remained comfortable into the upper 20’s (Fahrenheit). Pearl Izumi rates these to be comfortable between 15-35 degrees, but for road bike speeds, I’d say 30-degrees is about where you’d want to be. At fatbike speeds, I could see these remaining comfortable down to 15-degrees, no problem. Once temps start reaching 40-degrees, you’ll be treated to a toasty microclimate inside.

Pearl Izumi PRO AmFIB Super Gloves Review

Durable leather palms with grippy bits on the fingers.

Brake feel remains excellent overall as I never felt inhibited by the hybrid design. One-finger braking was natural and shifting was quick and easy with the SRAM X-7 shifters on the Big Ed. The palms offer excellent grip and bar feel under all conditions. I did wish for a little more palm padding when riding some of the choppier trails I rode.

The Good

  • Hybrid design delivers excellent warmth and dexterity
  • Gauntlet offers excellent coverage
  • Outdry waterproof liner is perfect for gloves
  • Easy on/off — even when sweaty
  • Good bar grip
  • Fabric has proven durable

The Bad

  • Temperature rating is more suited to fatbike speeds — just be aware of that
  • Fairly bulky design isn’t meant for streamlined riding

The Bottom Line: Pearl Izumi P.R.O. AmFIB

If you want warm digits without sacrificing dexterity, then these gloves are a great choice. The unique hybrid design is warm while never getting in the way of braking and shifting — something that’s kind of important while riding a bike.

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The Verdict

9.0 Keep 'em Warm

The Pearl Izumi PRO AmFIB Super Gloves are a mouthful to say or spell, but they passed the performance test with flying colors. With a hybrid design and a combination of OutDry and PrimaLoft, you'll be warm and toasty on that next fatbike ride across Greenland.

  • Warmth 9
  • Tactility 8
  • Protection 10

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  1. Thanks for your review. Have you tried any gloves that keep you warm at road bike speeds down to about 20F? I’ve tried Castelli estremo but these are only warm to high 20’s. Still seeking winter gloves! I’m thinking about trying some black diamond ice climbing or ski gloves.

    • These are the warmest ones I’ve found and used. I typically don’t ride on the road below 30-deg, so you’re in uncharted territory. But, these are about the only ones I would consider riding in those cold temps. On extended fatbike descents at speed (2000 vert on a snow-covered road), they have kept me warm in the mid-20’s.

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