Sweet Protection is a Norwegian company whose goal and mission is to provide the best protection possible to help athletes push their boundaries. The Hunter Enduro Shorts were my introduction to the brand and overall, my first impression is good.

Sweet Protection Hunter Shorts Features:

  • Material: DWR Treated 2-Way Stretch DuPont™ Sorona® Biopolymer – 64% Sorona® / 36% Polyester
  • Articulated Fit – Articulated knees, designed to fit around knee pads
  • Adjustable Waistband
  • 2 Side Pockets, 2 Cargo Pockets
  • Thigh Vent Zip with Stretch Mesh
  • Lasercut Perforated Ventilation at Inside Leg
  • Double Snap Buttons with Grip Flap
  • Price: $129.95
Sweet Protection Hunter Enduro Shorts Review

Hunter Shorts in action.

Making that good first impression

There’s a lot to be said about the Hunter Shorts. The mission to provide the best protection possible is apparent out of the gate. The DuPont stretch fabric is extremely durable. It feels supple and thicker than what I was expecting. Don’t get caught up on the “thicker” comment. What I mean is it doesn’t feel like it’s going to tear at the slightest abrasion. So far I’ve snagged trees and brushed rocks and it has resisted all abrasions. Overall, performance has been strong.

The 2-way stretch will move with you. I never really noticed any constrictions while pedaling uphill, riding down, or dirt jumping.

Thinking about fit, the Hunter Enduro shorts features a longer cut. The cut runs somewhere between shorts and knickers. The fit is loose, which is what you’d expect from an enduro-style short. Sizing runs true to size but also features two Velcro strips for fine tuning the fit.

Sweet Protection Hunter Enduro Shorts Review

Dial in the fit with the velcro tabs.

Sweet Protection built in a couple of good airflow features. The most notable are two long, zippered vents that run down the front of the thighs. Unzip and they lay wide open which is great for when you’re hauling down. The second feature is mesh on the inside of the leg. Paired with the zips, the ventilation feels good all around.

Sweet Protection Hunter Enduro Shorts Review

Cool down with thigh vents.

For storage the Hunter have a total of four pockets. Two side pockets with zip closures sit at the top of the shorts. I have yet to use these pockets, much preferring the cargo pockets. Now the cargo pockets are interesting. They run down the outside of your thighs. What makes them interesting is they wrap toward the back of your legs. Most cargo pockets either sit on top of your legs or hand straight out the side. By wrapping toward the back they keep your stuff off the top of your thigh (which doesn’t restrict movement) and the pocket doesn’t bounce around. I was able to fit my phone (Nexus 6P, about the size of a plus-sized iPhone) in one and my keys and wallet in the other, without any interference while riding.

Sweet Protection Hunter Enduro Shorts Review

Pockets that curve back…Who would have thought?!

Two long pockets on the outside of the legs. Interesting because they wrap toward the back of the leg. I’ve keep the phone on one and wallet and keys in the other without any interference while riding.

Final thought: Sweet Protection included the best warranty I’ve seen on a pair of shorts, 2 years! For a piece of performance clothing, this is outstanding.

NOTE: These were the 2017 model, but Sweet Protection did some minor updates for 2018 (removed logo on left leg and “Enduro” from the name. We expect the performance to be the same.

The Good

  • Best warranty I’ve seen on a pair of shorts
  • Durable
  • Good performance all around
  • Smart pockets that don’t get in the way

The Bad

  • Not as stretchy as other shorts on the market
  • Might find them thick for super hot days

The Bottom Line: Sweet Protection Hunter Shorts

There’s a lot of good things about the Hunter Shorts. Good performance, solid construction, and a great warranty. These shorts should last a long time.

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