Ritchey Launches New Web Store to Support Local Dealers


As the mega cycling sites continue their online dominance, what is your Local Bike Shop (LBS) to do? Many have Web sites, but most don’t have the manpower or technical savvy to have a full-fledged online storefront with in-house fulfillment. Inventory management and logistics can be daunting, so your LBS typically keeps plodding along selling locally. Some are successful and others struggle.

Ritchey Launches New Web Site and Online Store to Support Your LBS

Ritchey Design recognizes the plight of the LBS and wants to foster more support of their local dealers (the bike store around the corner). To do this, Ritchey launched an integrated Web store that enables the LBS to participate in the sales and fulfillment process.

Here’s how it goes:

When consumers place an order through www.RitcheyLogic.com, orders are posted in a special queue. Within one business day, authorized Ritchey retailers, with product in stock, will ship those orders within 24 hours. Open orders not selected by retailers revert to Ritchey Design for fulfillment.

Sounds pretty simple, right? I’m sure the devil is in the details for the LBS and Ritchey, but the bottom-line is that now your LBS can participate in the growth of Ritchey’s online store. You can feel good supporting your LBS and save time and gas by shopping online. Looks like a great situation for Ritchey, local dealers and the consumer.

Support Your LBS: Shop at RitcheyLogic.com

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