Sea Otter Classic acts as Spring’s version of Interbike. Many companies choose to use Sea Otter as their platform for product launches and announcements. So, it’s no wonder I’m getting a flood of new product launches in my inbox. The latest is the Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon. What a beauty!

I’m impressed with the carbon fiber movement we’re seeing lately at Santa Cruz. Not sure exactly what’s driving it, but their departure from aluminum is showing just what can be done with these materials. Look it over and you’ll agree it’s one of the sexiest-looking mountain bikes on the market.

Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon - The New Carbon-fiber Kid in Town!

The frame features a tapered head tube and all kinds of carbon details throughout. Here are a few more specs:

  • Weight: 5.6 lbs (1 lb. lighter than LT)
  • Travel: 140mm via new VPP2 design
  • Shock: RockShox Monarch
  • MSRP: $2399
  • Availability: June 2009
  • Blur LTC Specs (PDF)

From Santa Cruz:

Take our beloved all-duty trailbike, the Blur LT, complete with 140mm of plush, sophisticated, no maintenance VPP suspension. Now, make the frame a pound lighter, make it several orders of magnitude stronger and stiffer, make it out of carbon fiber. Don’t candy-ass out and make just a carbon front triangle, make the whole bike out of the stuff, and use a proprietary one piece molding process that ensures maximum strength and minimal weight.

The result? The strongest bike we have ever built, bar none. It’s a nimble, fast climbing, flex-free, confidence inspiring, trail bombing demon of a bike. Build it up however you want – there are no weight restrictions or fork travel limits to worry about – then ride it hard as you dare. Try to refrain from cackling like a madman in the process.

I was very impressed with the current Santa Cruz Blur LT2 and I can only imagine what a full-carbon Blur LT will ride like… The frame takes sexiness to a whole new level and the function of carbon-fiber is beyond good. As carbon fiber gets utilized more and more, people will start to accept the fact that it is lighter and stronger than aluminum. I can’t wait to get on one.

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  1. Simply the most amazing bike I have ever purchased. The thing corners like it is on rails and climbs very well. Definitely worth the extra cash over the aluminum version. Had to upgrade from the aluminum blur lt2 and it is a night and day difference between the 2. Thank you Santa Cruz!

  2. Jas… I’ve heard nothing but good about the LTC and it sounds like you’re in the same boat. Honestly, the new LT2 is a great bike, but after the carbon treatment, I can only imagine it must be even better.

    I’m loving the Ibis Mojo I’ve got… carbon is truly amazing on a bike!

  3. Hey Jason,
    Get on an LT carbon and let me know what u think. I haven’t ridden a Mojo, but would like to hear your opinion on a comparison between the two.

  4. I’m dying to hear about that comparison between the Blur LTc and the Ibis Mojo sl !!! I would guess that the SC has a stiffer frame but the Ibis has a better rear suspension… just a guess…

  5. I am looking at the Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon or the Ibis Mojo. I am riding mostly American Fork Canyon Trails. I know you have ridden both and ride those same trails quite a bit. I am 6’3″ and weigh 230 lbs. What bike would you get?

  6. Kelly… difficult to say, my friend. You have me by 60 lbs and 4 inches, so the bike is going to behave completely different than it will for me. That said, I haven’t ridden the Blur LTc, just the LT. Between the Mojo and LT though there is no question… go with the Mojo.

    Between the BLTc and Mojo, well, that’s another story. I’ve heard phenomenal feedback on the LTc and I’ve had first-hand experience being in love with the Mojo and it’s going to be extremely-difficult not to recommend.

    However, carbon fiber may not always be well-suited for a person of your stature. I haven’t checked to see if either SC or Ibis have weight limits, but I don’t think they do. Might want to double-check, but I think you should be fine.

    You will dig either one. Which bike shop are you looking to purchase from?

  7. Thanks for the feedback. I am leaning Mojo for sure. Actually thinking about the new mojo HD. Not sure which shop to buy from. Looked at a bike down at Bingham in Provo. Got any hookups? If I end up working at again I will get the blur ltc since they don’t carry ibis, but I really am falling in love with it.

  8. If you go back to, the LTc would be a no-brainer. No hookups on Ibis stuff. They are pretty much what you see is what you get.

    The HD would be perfect for you man! That bike looks amazing! The only problem is that they will not be readily available until mid-Summer as most are already pre-ordered. Full price is all you will get on the HD.

  9. Hey Steve

    It appears that all you Waterford guys have way too much time on your hands. 🙂 Unfortunately, I have yet to ride the LTc. I’m hoping to get on one at Interbike though.

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