Sidi cycling shoes are some of the most sought-after bike shoes on the market. Without question, people love their Sidi’s, but price is typically a little inhibiting for some. Well, you’re not going to get them for free, but every little bit helps as Sidi announces 8-15% price drops across their entire lineup. Here’s the details from VeltecSports:

Visit your favorite Independent Bicycle Dealer in March and discover Sidi’s latest cycling shoes at a more affordable price.

Veltec Sports, the U.S. distributor of top performing, Italian-made Sidi cycling shoes, announced today that it is reducing Sidi prices to help consumers get into a pair more easily. As of March 9, 2009, all Sidi cycling shoes at the retail level will have an 8-15 percent lower price.

Sidi Dominator 5 Mountain Bike Shoes - Sidi Announces Price Drop

The price decrease is related to the anticipated drop in the Euro. Veltec is anticipating lower prices in 2010 and wants to pass that along to customers at the start of the 2009 cycling season.

“Now that there is some renewed confidence in the US dollar, we are passing the benefits of a lower Euro on to the consumer” said Manfred Krikke, CEO of Veltec Sports. “A tough economic environment causes a lot of stress for consumers and retailers and riding is a great way to blow off some steam. Great fitting shoes are essential to a good riding experience. As the most experienced riders all know, a Sidi shoe fits like a glove and lasts for years.”

Famed cyclist, Paolo Bettini says of his Sidi’s,

“In the course of a career a cyclist changes many things: jerseys, bicycles, direction, often teammates and opponents. Only one thing has never changed in all this time, the shoes I use. My Sidis have followed me to every corner of the world. They are a symbol of the many great successes that I have achieved to the music of my pedaling from victories in the Italian National Championships, to the successes in Stuttgart thru Athens and Salzburg.”

Sidi shoes are widely viewed as the best cycling shoes on the market. The fit, quality and style of a Sidi shoe are unparalleled. It is also the only cycling shoe on the market that is still made by hand in the Sidi factories in Europe. You can now own a pair of the same shoes Bettini rides at more affordable prices. Sidi shoes are available only through Authorized Sidi dealers. To find the Sidi dealer nearest to you, please go to

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