It’s well-documented that I’m a sucker for all things Merino wool. And, when Smartwool gets involved, then I get smitten. These seeminlgy simple arm warmers are essential tools for early-morning rides.

Smartwool Knit Merino Arm Warmer Features:

  • 55% SmartWool Merino wool, 42% nylon, 3% elastic.
  • Seamless construction for warmth with max freedom of movement.
  • Non-binding 1×1 rib welt at wrist and bicep openings keep warmers in place.
  • MSRP: $25

Smartwool Merino Knit Arm Warmers Reviewed

My Long-term Experience

After two years of use, I’m ready to share the love. Arm warmers are seemingly simple and may seem unsexy, but they are essential tools for cyclists who endure cold mornings or who ride in variable conditions. I’ve found these Merino wonders to be essential for extending comfort on morning rides and as a “just in case” pocket stuffer.

Slipping them on is quick and easy with fantastic next-to-skin comfort under all conditions. These little numbers have endured hundreds of miles and have allowed me to ride in chilly weather in complete comfort. They are not completely windproof, but I can’t recall any instance where I felt too much wind penetrating the tight knit fabric. The lower cuffs are slightly wider and keep things comfortable with just the right amount of easticity and stretch. When things get warm, it’s easy to slip these down on your wrists or remove them completely — they go on/off easily over gloves, but watch out for that grippy Velcro.

The upper-arm cuffs are narrower and suffer from slight curl-over at times. You just need to fold it back before slipping your jersey on top of them.

When riding along the coastline of Washington State, I put in plenty of drizzly miles and these were invaluable. Even when damp, they maintained a high level of warmth and never lost their elasticity.

The Good:

  • Knit fabric keeps cold at bay
  • Stretchy fabric has maintained the same elasticity after two years
  • Wide, lower cuffs stay put well
  • Merino wool
  • Stay warm when wet

The Bad:

  • Upper cuff curls over itself
  • Watch out for Velcro

The Bottom Line

These are simple, warm and comfortable arm warmers. If you’re a Merino fan, these will be the best $25 ride insurance you’ll ever spend.

Buy Now: Available at Campmor 

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