Smith is typically impressive in their new product debuts and the new Pivlock V90 & V90 Max are no exception. Garnered with all the typical quality and one new gizmo–the Pivlock system–the V90’s are a lightweight and comfortable new addition to the lineup.

About the Smith Pivlock V90 Max Sunglasses

Introduced this Fall, the Pivlock V90 Max sports an entirely-new interchangeable lens system called, well, Pivlock. This system offers improved simplicity in the lens swapout process. The lens is built with TLT Optics and optically-improved lens curvature for distortion-free vision. Built extremely light, the V90’s are made to be worn comfortably all-day without fatigue.

More features of the V90 Max

  • 7 Base Lens Curvature
  • Carbonic TLT Lenses
  • Grilamid TR90 Frame
  • Small/Medium fit
  • Sweat Seal Hydrocoating
  • Colors: Black (Platinum Mirror, Ignitor, Clear Mirror), Brown Crystal (Bronze Mirror, Ignitor, Clear Mirror)-TESTED, Gun Metal (Ignitor) or Smoke (Platinum Mirror)
  • MSRP $139.00 (3 Lenses) – $119 (1 Lens)

Smith Pivlock V90 and V90 Max Sunglasses

Smith Pivlock V90 Max Review

The new product machine at Smith is relentless. Without fail, every six months, I get the lowdown on the new sunglasses, goggles, helmets and accessories. Chopper at Smith was particularly stoked on this new model, so I was naturally intrigued.

“We had a handful of mountain bikers ride them for several days straight on the Umpqua River Trail in Oregon,” he said confidently. “They were all stoked on how lightweight they felt.”

Slipping them on, I could see why as these glasses offer some of the best field of vision while remaining super light at the same time. The frameless design really gives the V90 Max a stylish look, but more importantly provides killer field of vision and excellent water shedding qualities.

I’ve used the V90’s extensively on the bike and trail running and really appreciate the grippy rubber and clear optics. I actually have used all three lenses in differing light conditions and truly dig the new Pivlock lens system. Changing lenses couldn’t be easier with no need to ever touch the middle of the lens to do the swap. A quick rotation of the arms, a tug on the nose piece and you’re swapped out.

The only real gripe I have with these glasses is that the ear pieces don’t curve behind the ear enough and tend to interfere with my Giro Xen bike helmet. I found myself adjusting the glasses a little too much on the bike with that helmet.

I love how light they feel and how comfortable they are in all conditions. I settled in on the Ignitor lenses for all-around performance. My favorite feature of these is the amazing field of vision offered by a truly frameless design, which lends itself to excellent peformance while trail running, mountain biking or hiking where a wide field of vision is key.

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Good V90

  • Excellent coverage is much appreciated–especially during cold weather activity
  • TLT optics provide great clarity in all conditions
  • No frame to interfere with vision
  • Flexible for any head shape
  • Easy to swap out lenses without scratching
  • Ultralight feel

Bad V90

  • Ear pieces interfere with my bike helmet (Giro Xen)
  • Still not sold on clear lenses (I know… I know… night riding)

Bottom Line: Smith Pivlock V90 Max Sunglasses

A solid new sunglass offering from Smith features new Pivlock interchangeable lens technology in an uber-light shield design.

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  1. Great review, currently looking at getting a pair of Pivlock’s. Owning a Xen helmet sounds like I may want to rethink that. I know theres nothing worse than having to adjust your shades while riding.

    • Yeah, maybe it was just my noggin, but I got a confirmation from another friend of mine who also uses the Xen and he also had issues with these glasses. I really dig them otherwise though.

  2. I am trying to decide between a set of these and Specialized ADAPTALITE glasses for running and biking (both off and on road do it all sunglasses).

    Have you tried any of the Specialized ADAPTALITE sunglasses?


    • Unfortunately, I have not tried any of the Specialized glasses lately. My all-time favorite shades continue to be the Kaenon Kore’s, though. Hard to beat them, but the V90’s are great (and light) if you don’t have any helmet interference issues.

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