A good pair of lightweight full-finger gloves are essential for mountain biking. This becomes particularly true here in Utah were a fall can expose your hands to sharp and unforgiving terrain. The Specialized Body Geometry Ridge Wiretap gloves have been aboard every MTB ride this summer and I’m still stoked on their performance.

Specialized Body Geometry Ridge Wiretap Features:

  • Touch screen compatible
  • Thin Body Geometry mountain padding is tuned for optimal bar control while relieving pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerve
  • Micro-width Velcro® closure for comfort and unrestricted wrist movement
  • Soft, absorbent Microwipe™ thumb for brushing away sweat
  • Lightweight nylon/spandex mesh back
  • Reinforced Micromatrix synthetic leather palm is supple and durable
  • MSRP: $40
Specialized Body Geometry Ridge Wiretap Gloves Review

Mesh uppers and an overall comfortable fit.

Long-term Review

Going into this season, I knew I had to get a new pair of gloves. I just wasn’t feeling the ones I had and most were worn well past their prime. So, tops on the list was the ability to use my smartphone with the gloves still on. Many of the latest crop of gloves are touchscreen-compatible — and with as much as I use my iPhone on the trail, that was a must-have.

The Ridge Wiretap gloves feature Specialized’s well-regarded Body Geometry design and padding. Years of research and refinement have delivered a wide range of products that making riding for long periods of time more comfortable and easier on the body. For me, my biggest concern is wrist fatigue and hand numbness during the course of a long ride.

Specialized Body Geometry Ridge Wiretap Gloves Review

Sorry for the soft focus, but you can see the BodyGeometry palm padding.

While the Ridge does offer gobs of comfort and performance, they didn’t do as much to alleviate hand numbness as I’d like. Wrist pain was reduced, but hand numbness was only improved slightly. Just recently, I switched to my pair of Ergon GP1’s and numbness has been nearly eliminated — great grips.

The durability of the gloves has been outstanding. Several run-ins with mangy scrub oak and rock gardens has resulted in no noticeable blemishes. Breathability has been fantastic due to the full mesh uppers. Grip and braking comfort has also been solid as I can dance around the bars and go from braking to shifting and locking out suspension without the slightest hiccups.

Specialized Body Geometry Ridge Wiretap Gloves

Where the magic happens.

Lets talk Wiretap. This functionality has been awesome and has proven to be a timesaver. I take a ton of selfie shots for product reviews. Not your standard selfies, mind you. Oh no… I utilize a self-timer on my iPhone to take sequences. Being able to tap the screen and start off the timer without removing my gloves has been awesome. Now, by no means could I type an email or text message with the gloves on, but entering my device passcode and navigating around in big-button land is responsive and works great — even with a LifeProof case. Sizing is true-to-size as I nearly always wear a size large glove and these fit great.

The Good:

  • Excellent breathability due to mesh upper
  • Solid comfort and durability
  • Wiretap is awesome for big-button activities
  • Fit true-to-size

The Bad:

  • Didn’t eliminate numbness
  • Touchscreen functionality is limited to big-button activities

The Bottom Line

Gloves meet smartphone. Smartphone meet gloves. The Ridge Wiretap gloves have been great for major phone activities, taking photos and such. The gloves themselves show little signs of wear after a season of abuse and provide solid comfort.

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