As a father of four kids, and one who has difficulty focusing all day, the comprehensive cycling program offered by the Specialized Foundation sounds a bit like a pipe dream. At a handful of schools across the country, my pipe┬ádream has become a reality and children’s lives have been changed forever.

Investing in the next generation of youth is something that Specialized is committed to — and it’s more than just to create a stable market for their products. For those of us with active lifestyles, we know that being sedentary is bad for both mind and body. For me, going just one day without some sort of physical exercise is enough to drive me bonkers. Children with ADHD, for example, can benefit from a comprehensive cycling program that will get them out of the classroom for a time, increase blood flow and stimulate the brain. That mid-day bike break could make a huge impact on the lives of children now and in the future — so cool.

How to participate?

Specialized is looking for 10 middle schools across the country that are ready to commit to the program for at least two years. If selected, the school will receive:

  • Up to 30 bikes and helmets
  • Starter maintenance kit
  • Program curriculum
  • A trip for the Program Champion to Specialized HQ for training

If you feel your child’s school should participate, then get on down and meet with the principal and get the process started!

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