When it comes to saddles, I’ve long been a fan of Specialized Body Geometry designs. For years, they have been enabling safe and healthy saddle-time for all types of riders. For the better part of the past year, I’ve been riding the Henge Expert saddle on a variety of bikes y me gusta.

Specialized Henge Expert Saddle Features:

  • Patented Body Geometry design is lab tested to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries
  • Medium density super-light EVA padding for longer rides
  • Stiff, carbon-reinforced shell for longevity and all-day riding efficiency
  • Flush mounted scuff guards for increased durability
  • Lightweight and durable hollow titanium rails
  • Tough, light and water resistant Micromatrix cover
  • Size 130mm/ Weight 212g
  • Size 143mm/ Weight 221g (tested)
  • Size 155mm/ Weight 230g
  • Colors: White, Black
  • MSRP: $120 at your local bike shop

Specialized Henge Expert Saddle Review

Not a whole lot has changed when it comes to saddles, but Specialized continues to progress their saddle designs in a way that improves versatility, durability and comfort without adding unnecessary weight. My test saddle was the 143mm width version and tips the scales at a very respectable 221 grams. It features a carbon-reinforced shell with titanium rails for stiffness and durability with a dab of bump compliance. ¬†And while the weight is relatively low (there are obviously lighter saddles), the padding perfect — resulting in rock-solid all-day comfort.

The Henge is a little shorter than some saddles on the market and I feel it’s length is just perfect for long climbs and descents as well. With shorter noses, some riders may not get as much leverage leaning into high-speed corners, but this one, never left me lacking inner-thigh leverage. I could stand up on my pedals and use my leg to leverage the saddle without thinking twice.

The Micromatrix cover is durable and smooth for transitions in-and-out of the saddle. It features a mixture of grippy and smooth material to keep your shorts firmly planted when needed but not be so grabby that it snags your shorts. Never did I feel like the saddle grabbed my shorts or inhibited my flow on the trail. And to keep it looking good longer, the wear areas are reinforced with scuff guards that have kept mine looking like new.

While Body Geometry saddles don’t eliminate numbness for me, they certainly reduce it and give me a comfortable ride for hours in the saddle. With the carbon-reinforced shell and titanium rails, the Henge offers a forgiving ride and durability that will keep it on my bike for a long time.

The Good

  • The perfect combination of light weight and comfort
  • Body Geometry design keeps your man area happy
  • Never interferes with normal riding movement

The Bad

  • Dirt can be hard to remove from micro-grooves in the saddle’s cover

Bottom Line: Specialized Henge Expert Saddle

A lightweight, comfortable and forgiving saddle, the Henge Expert is a gem at $120. I’ve loved it on a variety of bikes and consider it one of the best saddles for my riding style on the market.

Buy Now: Visit Specialized.com

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  1. I have broken two of these over a two year period.The base snapped across the nose in both instances. The first time the LBS had to check with Specialized Rep to replace since it was over a year old and then they only replaced with a lesser model and I had to pay the difference to get the expert.The most recent broken one was was replaced with same model no questions asked,perhaps they are aware of the issue now.I asked if there was a weight limit as i am just over the 200 lb mark with my cammelback and the LBS said no weight limits.I am now using Cobb seats and will no longer use Specialized. Anyone want a brand new Henge Expert 143 black for $100.00

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